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02-18-16 - Marketplace - Pet Tech

Marketplace's Molly Wood tries FitBark on her dog Reggie — its like FitBit but for pets; why some Native Americans want a new form of dental care; and the latest installment of Conversations from the Corner Office with American Apparel CEO Paula Schneider.

02-17-16 - Marketplace - Apple battles federal government on court order

Why Apple is fighting a court order to unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino shooting; a look at the high tension and high stakes over islands in the South China Sea; and how an Arizona bank employee became an NHL goalie for a day


Marketplace - 02-12-16 - Saudi Arabia's oil blues

How low oil prices can hurt Saudi Arabia's economy in the long run; what Downton Abbey's latest season has in common with today's health care system; and a look back on business and economics with the Weekly Wrap.