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03/03/2017: Two big speeches

Donald Trump and Janet Yellen both gave big speeches this week: one about the state of the economy and some detail-light plans for kickstarting it, and one about finally (finally) raising interest rates. We'll pick apart both and talk about how markets are reacting on the Weekly Wrap. Then we'll look at the theory vs. the reality of Republicans' proposed border adjustment tax and the Obamacare replacement that's inching forward. Plus, the fight in your supermarket over what qualifies as "milk" and McDonald's foray into delivery.

03/02/2017: From $24 billion to $33 billion in a Snap

Snap Inc. made a splash in its first day of trading today. Shares rose 44 percent from the initial offering, valuing Snapchat's parent company at about $33 billion. The company's young founders are billionaires, and many of its employees are now millionaires (on paper anyway). We'll look at the effect all that young money is having on Venice, California, where the company is based. Plus, more than 300 companies have expressed interest in building President Donald Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico. We'll take a look at the bidding process and what these companies stand to make. Then, a visit to a Border Patrol job fair.

03/01/2017: One Trump speech is not the economy

Markets rallied after President Donald Trump's largely detail-free speech before Congress last night. We'll look at why and take a closer look at Trump's claims about unemployment. Then, how can Travis Kalanick can right the ship at Uber after yet another PR hit? Plus, Kai talks with Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia and an Iranian immigrant, about Trump's travel ban.

02/28/2017: Can you budget the government like a business?

President Donald Trump will address a joint session of Congress tonight for his first don't-call-it-a-State-of-the-Union. He's expected to touch on a lot, including his budget. Crafting a federal budget isn't a zero-sum game, and it'll be a big test of Trump's "run the country like a business" ethos. Plus, under the White House's budget plan, the State Department is in the crosshairs. What happens when you cut funding for soft power? Plus, YouTube's new TV service and the latest in our My Economy series.

02/27/17: Trump's spending plan isn't new

President Donald Trump will outline his approach to budgeting tomorrow in a speech to a joint session of Congress. It goes like this: a big boost to defense spending and no cuts to entitlements like Medicaid or Social Security. That means reductions for domestic programs. But Trump's budget proposal really changes very little about the nation's spending priorities. Later in the show, we'll talk with Wisconsinites who are watching Trump's promises very closely, and, of course, we're talking about the Oscars.

02/24/17: Accommodating infinity

The artist Yayoi Kusama is known for her infinity room installations that make you feel like you’re in, well, an infinite room. She’s also known for the blocks-long lines people will wait in to spend a few minutes inside one of them. We explore the financial conundrum of orchestrating a blockbuster show centered on installations that only accommodate a few people at a time. Plus, a look inside the constellation of immigrant visa programs that are on the table for reform, and, of course, a roundtable about what happened this week with Nela Richardson of Redfin and Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post.