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04/19/2017: Facebook wants to see everything you see, that's all.

F8, Facebook's annual conference for software developers, wraps up today. There’s usually a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing over whatever it is that Mark Zuckerberg introduces.  Not so, this year. We talked with tech corespondent Molly Wood about reaction and company's augmented reality ambitions. Then, we travel to Janesville, Wisconsin, hometown of Speaker Paul Ryan and the site of an all-to-familiar American story. Plus, a conversation with 23andMe's CEO about genetics and data.
Facebook wants to see everything you see

04/18/2017: Who is 'Two Buck Chuck'?

President Trump was in the heart of American manufacturing territory today: Kenosha, Wisconsin. He gave a big speech and signed two executive orders: One directing the federal government to make good on his campaign promise to "buy American, hire American" and other concerning H1-B visas. Candidate Trump was no fan of the program, which allows American companies to bring in skilled foreign workers, but President Trump might have his hands tied. Plus, we'll follow the money in the police body camera business. Competition is heating up, and there's big money to be made on the back end. Then: You probably know "Two Buck Chuck" as the super-thrifty wine at your local Trader Joes. But Charles Shaw was a real guy, and he made good wine and made good money Napa before he lost it all.

04/17/2017: All options are on the table in North Korea. Any economic ones?

Things are heating up on the Korean peninsula, you may have heard. North Korea will reportedly test missiles weekly, and South Korea has doubled down on a missile defense system China finds threatening. Vice President Mike Pence said all options are on the table to contain North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. What, short of war, can the U.S. do? We'll look into it, Then, Google Adobe have font makes Asian scripts consistent, and that's a big deal. Plus: Why a former Chanel CEO purged her closet

04/14/2017: Trump's on-the-job economic crash course

The economic policy of the United States today is substantially different than it was at the start of the week. President Trump has flipped on a bunch of stuff, and that's a big deal. Has his "thinking evolved," as politicians so often say? Or did he, um, just not know what he was talking about during the campaign? We'll talk about it in the Weekly Wrap. Then: Americans are moving for work a lot less than they used to, and it's not clear why. Plus, "Fate of the Furious" will probably dominate the box office this weekend, but it's also Easter, so we're going to look into the economics of faith-based films.

04/13/2017: What happens when the POTUS changes his mind (a lot)?

Noticed something different about President Trump these past couple days? He's reversing his positions on some key economic issues. We'll look at what might be the cause and the implications for the broader economy. Plus, Republicans and Democrats are testing the limits of how far outside money can take them in the race to replace HHS Tom Price. Cash is pouring into the Atlanta suburbs. Then, we take a break from the news to do a small business story at one of Kai's favorite types of businesses: A craft brewery.

04/12/2017: A few clarifications (and a few reversals) from the White House

On a day when President Trump reversed his stance on China's currency, Fed Chair Janet Yellen, NATO, the debt and a federal hiring freeze, we're looking to comments from White House budget director Mick Mulvaney to clear up this White House's economic policy. Then: malls are struggling, but outlet malls are thriving. Why? Plus, with all those vacancies in Trump's executive branch, who's actually running the government?