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Recent Episodes

01/12/2017: D.C. prepares for Inauguration Day

What the heck is reconciliation? For starters, it's the latest way Congressional Republicans are hoping to get rid of Obamacare. We'll look at how it's used and whether it's a winning tactic. Then: hundreds of thousands are people are due in Washington, D.C. for next week's inauguration, and all the protests and parties that come with it. Local businesses and merch-sellers are preparing for a crush of business, and opening themselves up to criticism in the process. Then: the civil rights divide in charter schools and how to make your desk lunch less sad. 

01/11/2017: Trump's business plan

President-elect Donald Trump laid out plans today for addressing his conflicts of interest, but government ethics experts on both sides weren't impressed. Plus, with HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price's confirmation hearings coming up, what's next for the Affordable Care Act? Then, George Lucas' new LA museum and the effect of renewed U.S.-Cuba relations on Big Pharma.

01/10/2017: Hearings on hearings on hearings

Confirmation hearings for the Trump administration are underway on Capitol Hill. We'll look at what to expect from Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson in the coming days. Plus, the trials of the marijuana and magazine businesses, and the problem of American productivity. 

01/09/2017: A busy week in DC

It's a big week in politics. President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address in Chicago tomorrow as confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet start in D.C. We'll look at the vetting process Trump's picks have (or haven't) gone through, and how this confirmation compares to past administrations. Plus, Twitter is Trump's favorite way to get the message out — why can't the company find a way to make money off that? Then, how athlesiure killed the mall and a startup that's trying to fight the opiod epidemic.

01/06/17: Americans are finally getting a raise

First up, wages are on the rise for the first time since President Barack Obama took office. What might this mean for inflation? Then: China is investing a whopping $360 billion in renewable energy over the next few years, and it's not the only emerging economy to make a green power play. Plus, conversations with "nerd Ryan Seacrest" Chris Hardwick and outgoing Secretary of Education John King.

01/05/17: Sometimes you feel like a nut

The National Institutes of Health has loosened up restrictions on peanuts, which is good news for the industry and for parents, who spend billions on food allergies. Today brought bad news for Macy's, which announced closings and dismal earnings over the holiday season. Plus, why Wired magazine is going sci-fi and when the vet is big business.