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Recent Episodes

01-18-16 - Marketplace - MLK Day

Maybe you spent your Martin Luther King Day volunteering, or checking out a national park — admission is free today. We're covering both, as well has Houston's history with refugees and United Airlines' "quest to be less awful."

01-14-15 - Marketplace - Flint's water emergency

A look at the rise and fall of GoPro; people in the city of Flint continue to get sick from water contamination; and an interview with the creators of the new Showtime series, "Billions."

01-13-16 - Marketplace - Can data help cure cancer?

Vice President Joe Biden might have to look to big data in the "moon shot" to cure cancer; how airlines are benefiting from cheap jet fuel; and what happens to the LA river when it rains in SoCal?

01-12-16 - Marketplace - Obama's last State of the Union

Looking ahead at tonight's State of the Union address with former White House speechwriter, James Fallows; an interview with Fred Armisen about Broadway Video's new Latino comedy venture; and how Oakland is struggling to maintain it's identity as gentrification continues to grow.