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Recent Episodes

01-26-16 - Marketplace - Revamping the GED

Why the company behind the GED lowered the passing score; a look at Apple's stock after their latest earnings report; and an interview with Mohammed El-Erian, author of new book about central banks

01-25-16 - Marketplace - The M&A economy

Looking at the economic pattern of mergers and acquisitions; McDonalds earnings report show a comeback for the golden arches; and an interview with GE Vice Chair Beth Comstock.

01-20-16 - Marketplace - Shrinking bond yields

Yields on the 10-year Treasury note falls below 2 percent; how some Detroit citizens are trying to show that there is more to the city than the Auto Show; and an interview with actor Damian Lewis. 

01-19-16 - Marketplace - The global econo-meh

What one reporter learned from the oil boom and bust; how communities in Missouri are helping businesses recover from flood damage; and with oil prices low and mixed market numbers, what's the state of the global economy?