Every weekday on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal hosts a lively and unexpected exploration of the day’s business and economic news from Wall Street to your wallet.

Recent Episodes

12-24-15 - Marketplace - NBA against gun violence

The NBA will run ads during their Christmas games featuring players speaking against gun violence; how an increase in minimum wage in California affects the cost of child care; and a look back on the week that was in business and economics. 

Marketplace - 12-23-15 - How to board a plane

What new home sales mean for the economy; why Disney is still struggling, even though it's with the Force; and a look at airplane boarding with the latest installment of "I've always wondered.."

12-22-15 - Marketplace - SpaceX economics

SpaceX landed a rocket yesterday, and we take a look at the competition in the space industry; why the agricultural industry is taking a big hit; and the new normal for the GDP.

12-18-15 - Marketplace - Happy free shipping day!

There's a new consumer holiday and it comes with free shipping; how women that are CFOs barely out-earn their male colleagues; and the holidays brought to you by...fruitcake.