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05/02/2017: Government shutdowns are never good for the economy

The current mantra with President Trump seems to be look at what he does and not what he says. But words (and facts) matter, and this morning the President tweeted that America needs "a good 'shutdown' in September to fix mess!" The mess being, it's clear from the context, the trouble the White House is having getting its agenda through Congress. We can argue about how a shutdown might help or hurt the President's agenda, but there's no question it would be bad for the economy. Plus, we'll talk about #VanLife and the string of bad earnings reports for American car companies (they aren't related).

05/01/2017: We avoided a government shutdown. Now what?

After we avoided a government shutdown Friday, this weekend Congressional negotiators reached a trillion-dollar deal to keep things going 'til the end of the fiscal year, five months away. It's not exactly a budget, it's more "catch-as-catch-can." We'll explain how the process got so toxic and partisan on the show today. Then: another executive is out at Fox News just as Bloomberg enters in a new deal with Twitter to get off TV entirely. Plus: can you boost the economy with old buildings? We'll talk with the CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

04/28/2017: What a week

Just ahead of his 100-day mark, President Trump had one of the bigger economic weeks of his young administration. This week had it all: Tax policy! Trade policy! A narrowly avoided government shutdown tied to the budget and health care! Plus, capping it all off, a lackluster GDP report. We'll try and figure out what it all means in the Weekly Wrap. Plus: Trump just signed an executive order allowing more drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans with the premise it will create jobs. But with crude at $50, is that really going to happen? Then: another visit to Erie, Pennsylvania for our series "The Big Promise."

04/27/2017: Everything is a renegotiation

After a flurry of reports that President Trump was weighing an order to pull out of NAFTA, he now says he'd rather renegotiation. But improving the trade deal could mean exhuming Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership. Then: Republicans haven't given up on repealing and replacing Obamacare. The latest twist is an amendment that would let states decide whether insurers can charge people with pre-existing conditions. We'll try to game that out. Plus: Our latest Marketplace-Edison Research poll found that even though most Americans don't have factory jobs, a lot of people agree about the primacy of manufacturing to the economy.

04/26/2017: Trump and the one-page tax plan

The White House unveiled a one-page set of bullet points today, outlining President Trump's long-touted tax plan. We'll run through those points, while looking at what could actually happen once lawmakers start actually fleshing things out. Then, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made a big announcement of his own on net neutrality. Molly Wood is here to make us smart. Plus: more from our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll and the controversy around the White House Correspondents Dinner.

04/25/2017: It's tax plan eve

President Trump's tax plan will either be the best thing for the economy since sliced bread (or something), or it'll blow the deficit to kingdom come. It kinda just depends on your perspective right now. We'll look at the arguments for the sliced bread side ahead of the president's announcement tomorrow. Then: Did anyone expect Canada to attract Trump's trade-policy wrath? Wilbur Ross said today there won't be a trade war, but there's gonna be collateral damage. Plus, we'll talk with Dave Eggers about his book "The Circle" as the movie version heads to theaters.