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10-29-2014-Marketplace-The Rule of 1 Billion

The discovery of oil doesn’t always make a country, or a state, rich. Ohio’s governor wants his state to get a proper slice. Plus, the explosion of a rocket bound for the International Space Station yesterday has shifted attention on NASA’s contracting out to private companies such as Orbital Sciences and Spacex. We look at the business of these shuttle companies. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg laid out his plans for the future of Facebook. He says its products like Whatsapp and Instagram are all on the way to a billion users. We look at what the word billion means for businesses.





10-28-2014-Marketplace-Twitter dive

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee is meeting today and tomorrow and many are expecting it to announce an end to the bond-buying program of the past six years. Are reports of the end of stimulus misleading? Plus, Twitter is not growing users fast enough. How can the social network make itself essential to the masses and investors?

10-27-2014 Marketplace Ebola HR

Today we look at why people put themselves in danger in West Africa to help fight Ebola -- especially when they know they could be quarantined for 21 days when they return home. Plus, Apple’s mobile wallet, Apple Pay, was disabled from Rite Aid and CVS stores one week after its launch. What’s at stake? As the fallout continues, what will the impact of this failed deal be on Apple and the stores involved?

10-24-2014 Marketplace Ebola in Gotham

As the Ebola story unfolds, authorities in New York have Dr. Spencer's own account as a starting point, but are helped by the multiple electronic checkpoints of life in Gotham. Plus, P&G spins off Duracell, and we take a look at the business and the history. 

10-23-2014 Marketplace - Blue chipped

With a trend of dismal earnings for the likes of IBM, Coke and McDonald's, blue chip companies appear to have lost their sheen. We trace the evolution of the blue chip company since its beginnings, and ask what does it mean today – and who are the new generation of blue chip companies. Plus, we're going there: Email.  It's a giant time waster, expensive productivity suck, and all over pain in the...

10-22-2014 Marketplace - Johnson & Johnson & Ebola

There are some good economic reasons no one created an Ebola vaccine – yet. Now multiple companies, including Johnson & Johnson, are racing to produce a cure. The business rationale changed in part due to the size of the outbreak itself, but also an increasingly interested market and potential payday. Plus: New regulations aimed at preventing another housing crisis have been finalized, only they don't include a down payment requirement. Financial experts think homeowners should put down 20 percent to be safe, but where did that number come from in the first place? Also: Seemingly out of nowhere in 1979, the Hunt brothers attempted to corner the silver market, pushing up prices almost 1,000 percent as they bought rights to nearly half of the silver in the open market. But when the commodities markets responded by changing the rules for margin trading, they went bust. Following the death of Nelson Bunker Hunt on Tuesday, Oct. 21, we look at why this strange bubble can't really happen again.