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11-14-2014-Marketplace-Creepy Cars

ISIS wants to make, distribute and regulate its own coins, but there are all sorts of problems with creating a currency out of precious metals. Plus, S&P just gave Twitter a BB junk rating. Junk!?!? Does that mean Twitter is destined for the trash pile? Not really. It simply means that it’s carrying a lot of debt relative to its earnings. Finally, car makers are agreeing to voluntary privacy standards for all data being collected by in-car computers. But what data is being collected and how could its use or release affect you?

11-13-2014-Marketplace-Toys and Movies

The U.S. signed a trade agreement with India this week and also one with China to do with tariffs on tech products. They’re being heralded as major trade pacts, so why the flurry of deals now? Plus, Warren Buffett is buying Duracell from Proctor & Gamble with P&G stock. We look at how he plays the market in order to get big tax advantages. Finally, Hasbro is said to be interested in buying Dreamworks. It would give the toymaker an easy way to promote its products beyond stores shelves. 


China agreed to cap emissions. How are the goals stated by China and U.S. attainable, and who would be the winners and losers? Plus, banks are being fined because their traders manipulated the foreign exchange markets. We look at how and why the offenders did what was thought to be impossible. Finally, Hostess Brands, which makes Twinkies and other snacks, was bought out of bankruptcy last year by a private equity firm. Now it’s about to be sold on for $1.5 billion. We explain how the Twinkie-maker was saved by private equity.

11-11-2014-Marketplace-Auto Jobs

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services lowered its estimate of how many people will sign up for an ACA health plan this year.  We look at how the size and composition of this year’s pool will affect premiums. Plus, Ford’s new F150 pickup production line starts operating, with hundreds of new auto workers. What kind of jobs is the auto industry is adding as it comes back? Finally, in the wake of a crazy Oklahoma divorce case, we ask how much a CEO really contributes to a company’s success.

11-10-2014-Marketplace-Net Neutrality

The luxury home builder Toll Brothers Inc. announced that revenues rose 29 percent in October. Should we see this as a sign that things in the housing market are improving? Plus, President Obama says the internet should be regulated. Treating the internet this way would enable the FCC to enforce net neutrality, barring ISPs and their customers from developing practices like fast lanes.