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Tax credits, investors and York & Fig

Aired Dec. 3, 2014: The House is voting on whether to bring back certain tax credits that expired at the beginning of the year. It raises the question: Why do they expire in the first place?

Rubles, auto sales and exercise

Struggling with falling oil prices and continued sanctions, the Russian ruble just suffered its biggest one-day fall against the U.S. dollar in more than two decades. Plus, newly reported auto sales figures are strong. We look at the factors driving sales, including the improving economy and heavy discounts. Finally, working out can benefit your body and your bank account, beginning this month in Massachusetts. Pact Health is an add-on benefit that lowers your insurance deductible if you work out while wearing a health-tracking device.

#GentrificationIs, Funding and Facebook

We're launching our gentrification project about the Highland Park neighborhood in Los Angeles. Use the hashtag #GentrificationIs on Twitter and Instagram to show how your neighborhood is changing. Plus, one option under consideration for keeping the government running beyond Dec. 11? Congress could pass an omnibus spending bill that would solve the problem for only nine months and affect every agency except the Department of Homeland Security, which would be kept on a shorter funding leash. Finally, Facebook makes a money grab by making small businesses and certain political outfits pay for things they used to get for free. 

Open enrollment and outsourcing

In addition to holiday shopping and leftover turkey, it’s open-enrollment season—time to think about financial choices for next year, like retirement savings. Plus, some law professors and now some entrepreneurs are playing with the idea of outsourcing boards of directors. How would it work?  Like an accounting firm provides accounting services, or a law firm provides legal services.

11/27/2014 Marketplace

Oil slides ... stores gear up for Black Friday mania ... and two lucky turkeys get off scott free.

Pollution, Ferguson and John Deere

Pollution is an issue in big cities in the U.S., but how and when do regulators weigh the economic costs of allowing pollution against the environmental benefits of curbing it? And how has the process changed over the years? Plus, Deere & Co. earns two-thirds of its revenue from farm and turf machinery, so when times are tough for farmers, times are also tough for John Deere. The company says it expects sales to fall further, because low prices for commodities like grain are pushing down demand for tractors and other equipment.