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12/23/16: Coal is having a comeback, but can it last?

The thing about nuclear weapons is ... they're really expensive. On today's Weekly Wrap Molly Wood talks to Nela Richardson from Redfin and Felix Salmon of Fusion about this week's economic news. One of the biggest stories they discussed is Trump's statement about expanding the United State's "nuclear capabilities." Also: A look at the coal industry. Coal mining firms have been in a significant slump, but now there may be signs of recovery. Finally: We hear from a shop owner in Southern California about the challenges of sustaining a a family-owned Christmas shop since 1962. 

12/22/16: What's your return policy?

Greece, Italy... We're nearly a decade from the beginnings of the global financial crisis, and debt crises keep popping up. Then: the Commerce Department announced the economy grew even faster than we thought in the third quarter. We're at a healthy 3.5 percent, and there's still the fourth quarter to measure. Also President-elect Donald Trump will take office with a pledge to sharply raise tariffs. Will that expand the economy, or shrink it? Plus: The Navy's fight against climate change and everything you've always wondered about return policies, just in time to wrap up your holiday shopping.

12/21/16: What energy independence really means

Can audio go viral? It's a tough nut to crack, but Facebook is trying. Then, Obama is shoring up his environmental legacy with a host of new drilling bans. What's that mean for energy independence, and is that something the U.S. even wants? Plus, Big Food's existential crisis and an interview with the CEO of Bandcamp.

12/20/16: Do we need the World Trade Organization?

Donald Trump has made it clear that he doesn't like our current trade agreements, and he's not fond of big international institutions. So what happens if the U.S. leaves the World Trade Organization? We'll look into that, plus we'll go behind the scenes of New York's famous holiday window displays, and chat with DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake about how being a woman in the C-suite has changed.

Marketplace for Monday, December 19, 2016

Following the theme of his administration so far, President-elect Donald Trump (it's official now) has named a budget hawk to the budget office. Also, we continue our coverage of Dayton, Ohio with two small business owners who have very different takes on Trump. Plus, why women may make better doctors and the taxes Apple doesn't want to pay a country that doesn't want them.

Marketplace for Friday, December 16, 2016

Yesterday, President Obama vowed to punish Russia for its recent cyber attacks. But the U.S. and the E.U. have already imposed sanctions on Russia dating back to 2014, so what other measures could the U.S. take? Also, the steel mills of Granite City, Illinois have seen lots of layoffs over the past few years. Many of the workers are still unemployed, but are hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump will fulfill his promise to bring their jobs back, can he keep his promise? Finally, we look back on the last five days of economic news with the Weekly Wrap.