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02/08/17: Is a strong dollar good or bad?

We're starting off today with something the president reportedly did at 3 in the morning, and something else he did at 8 in the morning. Welcome to the American economy in 2017. First up, President Donald Trump reportedly called up his national security adviser to ask if a strong or weak dollar was better for the U.S. It's a good question! And a complicated one. Next, we'll look at the president's Twitter feud with Nordstrom and where ethics rules come into play. Plus, a look at Kentucky coal and Great Lakes shipping.

02/07/2017: One reg in, two regs out

While President Donald Trump's travel ban is in court this afternoon, Republican senators put forward another immigration proposal to cut the number of immigrant visas in half over a decade. We'll look at what that reduction in unskilled immigrant workers will do to the economy. Then: Manufacturing is alive and well in Reading, Pennsylvania, but employers say they can't find enough skilled workers. Plus, we'll look at GM's earnings and Trump's one-reg-in-two-regs-out executive order.

02/06/2017: The retirement crisis

Nearly 100 tech companies, including giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Netflix, filed a legal brief Sunday challenging President Donald Trump's travel ban. We'll look at what that brief can do and how much of it is symbolic. Plus, it's no secret that Trump watches a lot of cable news, and advertisers are catching on. Then, we'll look at two very different crises in this country: a lack of retirement savings and missing railroad crossings on GPS.

02/03/2017: Super Bowl ads are riskier than ever (and just as expensive)

President Donald Trump's latest executive order took the first steps toward whittling away on Dodd-Frank today. We'll look at that and what's ahead, plus what causes the job loss Trump campaigned on — and what doesn't. Then: After a bitter election and a rocky start to the year, making a Super Bowl ad is more of a gamble than ever. We'll look at how companies are spending their $5 million (at least) for 30 seconds this Sunday. Plus, more unintended consequences of Trump's travel ban and the growing winter biking trend.

02/02/2017: What makes a #sponsored Instagram post?

Productivity has been lackluster for a while, and it slowed down in the fourth quarter. We'll look at what that means ahead of the first new jobs report of the Trump administration tomorrow. Plus, we'll examine an unintended consequence of President Donald Trump's travel ban: potentially worsening a shortage of rural doctors. Plus, we'll learn how to parse ads and non-ads on Instagram and Norman Lear takes a phone call in the middle of our conversation about "One Day at a Time."

02/01/2017: The view of Trump from the Middle East

Former oil exec Rex Tillerson was confirmed as Secretary of State today, and Republicans rolled back regulations on the energy industry. Plus, Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O'Leary is reporting from Dalton, Georgia on the future of jobs there under President Donald Trump. Plus, the view of Trump's travel ban from the Middle East and how trade policy affects $300 jeans.