Every weekday on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal hosts a lively and unexpected exploration of the day’s business and economic news from Wall Street to your wallet.

Recent Episodes

01/30/2017: Trump's immigration order — what now?

It's been a busy week, and it's only Monday. We'll tackle the business implications of President Donald Trump’s executive order Friday, which restricted travel for refugees and other migrants from seven mostly Muslim countries. We're looking at tech, tourism and local manufacturing economies. Plus, Delta's troubles and a look at the early life of Warren Buffett. 

01/27/2017: One week into Donald Trump's economy

First up, we try to cram President Donald Trump's very busy first week into about five minutes of live radio. Then, deeper dives into the United States' trade relationship with Mexico and a possible hitch in Trump's plans for the Keystone pipeline. Plus, how Republican-led Michigan is grappling with Medicaid expansion. 

01/26/2017: Who pays for the wall?

The U.S. and Mexico are at loggerheads. But whoever ends up paying for the wall, the U.S. and Mexico will remain intertwined. Then, we'll look at the choices facing lobbyists and sanctuary cities under new rules from the Trump administration. Plus, a deep dive into Airbnb.

01/25/2017: The Wall

As President Donald Trump orders his long-promised wall with Mexico, we check in with our reporter on the border to talk about what the project might cost. Then, we look at where Trump fits among previous Republican presidents, and his effect on steel, stocks and immigrant communities.

01/24/2017: Can you really run the country like a business?

Amid a flurry of executive orders, we'll take a closer look at three of President Donald Trump's initiatives: robust infrastructure spending, new auto manufacturers and a federal hiring freeze. After that, we'll ask more broadly: can you really run the country like a business? Plus a preview of our new podcast, "Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly" and a look at Syrian entrepreneurship in the U.S.

01/23/2017: Trump's first day of work

It's Donald Trump's first work day as president, and it was a busy one. He met with a number of business leaders to talk trade, and pledged to cut down on regulation by 75 percent. We'll look at what that means,get a farmer's take on the Trump administration and take a look at our trade relationships with China and the U.K.. Plus, a conversation with the CEO of Equinox.