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06-08-15 - Marketplace - Discount Air Fees

Airing on Monday, May 8, 2015:  Turns out green cards are for sale. For just a half-million dollars, well-off foreigners can jump to the head of a very long line of people who want to move to the U.S. That half million must be invested in a job-creating project here, so many real estate developers are taking advantage of this federal program. As Julie Satow reports, most of those applying for green cards are from China. Next: Lufthansa’s announcement that it will impose a surcharge on tickets bought through price-comparing sites like Travelocity has the travel industry in a tizzy. The surcharge aims to increase Lufthansa's profitability, but it might also cost it travelers.

06-05-15 - Marketplace - HR Hacking

Airing on Friday, June 5, 2015: Records on more than 4 million people have been hacked at the government’s HR department, the Office of Personnel Management. The government suspects Chinese hackers took the names, addresses, financial information and, possibly, social security numbers of these people. We look at the potential cascading effect of the hack. Next: If all this talk of police of late has you worried, what about private police?  That could be anything from a private citizens who’ve  petitioned the state to carry a gun, a badge and make arrests to a mall cop or the security guards you see outside a federal building. Sally Herships explores the growing number of private cops across the nation as we debate the effectiveness and training of our police officers around the nation in our series Behind the Blue Line: the cost of a changing police force. 

06-04-15 - Marketplace - How To Count

Airing on Thursday, June 4, 2015: Marketplace's Tim Fitzsimons charts the history of the U.S. relationship to the metric system. Though most Americans don’t use this form of measurement, metric is the preferred system for trade and commerce in the country. Next: the potential merger between Dish and T-Mobile has to do with the value of the wireless spectrum—the capacity to stream loads of content to customers. We look at what's in it for the satellite provider and telecommunications company.   


06-03-15 - Marketplace - Obama Talks Trade

Airing on Wednesday, June 3, 2015: Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal meets with President Obama in the Oval Office to talk about free trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Next: Williston, North Dakota has undergone some oil booms and busts over the past several decades. Amid low oil prices, some are wondering whether the city is experiencing another bust or just a slowdown. 

06-02-15 - Marketplace - Horse Travel

Airing on Tuesday, May 2, 2015: Are we surprised that health insurers want to raise rates? Before the Affordable Care Act, prices were all over the place. New rules aim to stabilize them, but it's tricky for insurers, who have to balance costs with consumers who have more choices. We explore. Next: A little look now inside the economy of making music for a living. Specifically, those folks who play music on subway platforms. For those musicians, as with so many others, it all comes down to location, location, location. 



06-01-15 - Marketplace - Instagram Fashion

Airing on Monday, June 1, 2015: The Ted Cruz store has iPhone covers and polo shirts. Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit T-shirt is a best-seller. Why turn a presidential candidate’s name into products? And does all this merchandise need to be profitable or does it just need to spread the brand? We explore. Next: the award goes to … Instagram. At the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards Monday in NYC, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom will receive the Media Award, giving us a chance to look at how Instagram has become the repository for fashion advertising by companies and individuals alike.