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06-01-15 - Marketplace - Instagram Fashion

Airing on Monday, June 1, 2015: The Ted Cruz store has iPhone covers and polo shirts. Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit T-shirt is a best-seller. Why turn a presidential candidate’s name into products? And does all this merchandise need to be profitable or does it just need to spread the brand? We explore. Next: the award goes to … Instagram. At the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Awards Monday in NYC, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom will receive the Media Award, giving us a chance to look at how Instagram has become the repository for fashion advertising by companies and individuals alike.

05-29-15 - Marketplace - Police Diversity

Airing on Friday, May 29, 2015: What’s a multinational sponsor to do? Amid news that several FIFA officials have been indicted on corruption charges, we explore whether companies are likely to pull their sponsorships from future FIFA World Cup games. Next: as we contemplate all the problems around the country of racial bias in policing, one solution has to be to hire more minority police officers, right? A no-brainer. But, it turns out, not so easy, as Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman reports in this next installment of our series, "Behind the Blue Line: The Costs of a Changing Police Force."


05-28-15 - Marketplace - Broadband Access

Airing on Thursday, May 28, 2015: The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, is proposing subsidized broadband internet access for millions of low-income Americans. We examine the thinking behind the plan and look at its prospects for becoming reality. Next: for more than a decade, the game World of Warcraft has been an unrivaled juggernaut among multiplayer online games. Yet some news this month has led to speculation that maybe World of Warcraft is showing its age. Marketplace explores. 

05-27-2015 - Marketplace - Cleveland Decree Costs

Airing on Wednesday, May 27, 2015: The city of Cleveland has agreed to a police reform package with the Department of Justice. The deal involves more community policing and better training for using force and dealing with the mentally ill. The changes will be costly, and the mayor says he'll look to the business community to help pay for them. We look at who the mayor will approach for funding and how local businesses might respond. Next: Vox Media acquires Re/code, giving the news site access to Chorus, Vox's content management system. Chorus brings all the moving parts of an online newsroom into harmony and helps it target ads. 







05-26-15 - Marketplace - Housing Prices

Airing on Tuesday, May 26, 2015:  Prices are up for sales of both existing houses and new houses, suggesting that no matter how hard it is to afford a house these days, there are more buyers than sellers, leaving a lot of room for new construction. But are there just not enough houses available? We explore. Next: a much more even match in the cable industry. Charter has purchased Time Warner for $55 billion. So what will these giants do to keep consumers around? We take a look. 


05-25-2015 - Marketplace - America's Whiskey

Airing on Monday, May 25, 2015: Reporter Krissy Clark from Marketplace's Wealth & Poverty desk explains why a large number of military families are reliant on food stamps, guest host Adriene Hill heads to the Vista Theatre to see how a one-screen venue decides what movie to play (while staying in business), and author Reid Mitenbuler looks at how bourbon became America's whiskey.