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Recent Episodes

01/17/2017: How the deck is stacked in Erie, Pennsylvania

To wrap up our yearlong series "How The Deck is Stacked," we travel to Erie, Pennsylvania, a community built on manufacturing. Erie represents much of the economic dissatisfaction that helped swing the presidential election. We're kicking off a week of coverage from there with a bunch of stories from a local watering hole. Plus, the latest on Brexit and President-elect Donald Trump's promised border tax.

1/16/2017: It's Inauguration week

Welcome to Inauguration week! On this MLK Day we're looking at three themes of President-elect Donald Trump's campaign: An obsolete NATO, rolling back the estate tax and bringing back coal jobs. We'll talk about the state of all three and how Trump might act on them after he's sworn in Friday. Plus: a chat with the CEO of Qualcomm and how getting your kid to sleep became a $325 million industry.

01/13/2017: Can a spy agency fight urban blight in St. Louis?

If recent earnings reports are any indication, big banks have a ways to go before they'll benefit from rising interest rates. Plus, the EPA passes new auto regulations just under the wire. Then, the massive spy agency project that's displacing a St. Louis neighborhood to save it and, of course, the Weekly Wrap. 

01/12/2017: D.C. prepares for Inauguration Day

What the heck is reconciliation? For starters, it's the latest way Congressional Republicans are hoping to get rid of Obamacare. We'll look at how it's used and whether it's a winning tactic. Then: hundreds of thousands are people are due in Washington, D.C. for next week's inauguration, and all the protests and parties that come with it. Local businesses and merch-sellers are preparing for a crush of business, and opening themselves up to criticism in the process. Then: the civil rights divide in charter schools and how to make your desk lunch less sad. 

01/11/2017: Trump's business plan

President-elect Donald Trump laid out plans today for addressing his conflicts of interest, but government ethics experts on both sides weren't impressed. Plus, with HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price's confirmation hearings coming up, what's next for the Affordable Care Act? Then, George Lucas' new LA museum and the effect of renewed U.S.-Cuba relations on Big Pharma.

01/10/2017: Hearings on hearings on hearings

Confirmation hearings for the Trump administration are underway on Capitol Hill. We'll look at what to expect from Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson in the coming days. Plus, the trials of the marijuana and magazine businesses, and the problem of American productivity.