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Recent Episodes

Ferguson, dressing rooms and counting calories

People in Ferguson are dealing with police actions, fires, and closings of businesses and schools. We look at the long-term setback in light of the years of redevelopment work in the area. Plus, just who counts those calories in the fast-food items that we see displayed? How do they do it, and how real are the numbers?

11-24-2014-Marketplace-Defense Secretary

We devise a job description for a new Secretary of Defense that reflects the demands of the modern world. Plus, we examine the potential impact of the new immigration policy on higher and lower education. 

11-21-2014-Marketplace-Immigration and Jobs

President Obama made a lot of claims this week about how his move on immigration will boost the economy. We look at which industries will be impacted most, and how. Plus, one of the jobs of the Federal Reserve is to provide regulatory oversight of banks. But the Fed’s watchers think the relationship between the Fed and the banks is way too cozy, and they’re giving the Fed a hard time on the Hill. Finally, the NFL has moved Sunday’s Bills-Jets game from Ralph Wilson Stadium in snow-covered Buffalo, N.Y., to Monday night in Detroit. A move like that is rare, so we explain the many logistics behind it.


11-20-2014-Marketplace-Yahoo and Firefox

There are an estimated 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. We examine what changes are coming as potentially millions more are brought into the legal workforce. Plus, the UC system is a classic example of what’s happening in higher education. States cut funding, and the difference comes out of students' pockets. Finally, Mozilla signed a deal with Yahoo to make it the default browser on Firefox, leading to the question ... why? 

11-19-2014-Marketplace-Dojo Data

The New York Fed is a special case: more powerful than other regional Feds, more influential within the Federal Reserve system, and therefore more at risk of being influenced by the big banks. Plus, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is set to reap more than $3 billion from an investment in a drug to treat the lung disease. One person's cost to use the drug? $300,000 a year. Finally, the Class Dojo app does a 180 after being outed by the New York Times for collecting classroom behavior data on kids. We look at third-party classroom apps and the push against data collection.

11-18-2014-Marketplace-Morning Wars

The Senate votes today on a bill to get the Keystone Pipeline from Canada approved. Does the pipeline really matter much at this point? Plus, the morning news slot is very profitable for television networks such as NBC and ABC, bringing in lots of advertising dollars. The recent firing of Jamie Horowitz at NBC's “Today” show, however,  indicates that the networks are struggling to get the programming mix just right during this golden moment.