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Marketplace: hangovers and housing market

Hangovers have existed as long as overconsumption of alcohol. (That is to say: as long as alcohol.) But even though every few years a new technique or pill is offered as a cure, the task may be futile. Plus, most housing market watchers are predicting that 2015 will be better than 2014. How much better? Some expect home sales to increase about 10 percent this year.

Marketplace: Weight Watchers and nonprofits

Airing on Wednesday December 31, 2014: As nonprofits work hard to get your end-of-year donations, some will also try to get something else: permission to share your information with other charities. Plus, the weight-loss industry is on a diet of its own. Weight Watchers has endured seven straight quarters of losses. Jenny Craig got dumped by Nestle. NutriSystem’s sales have been falling since 2008. One big reason? The growth of fitness trackers and weight-loss apps.

Marketplace: AirAsia and auto bailout

Airing on Tuesday December 30, 2014: How AirAsia will handle the insurance payouts to families of victims. Plus, the federal government’s final reckoning of the auto-industry bailout shows it lost $9 billion on an $80 billion investment. So what did the industry and the economy get for that $9 billion?

Marketplace: NFL, Greece and AirAsia

Airing on Monday December 29, 2014: It's Black Monday, the day after the end of the NFL regular season when many losing teams fire their coaches, starting a mad dash to hire new ones. Plus, Greece faces economic uncertainty after its parliament today rejected the presidential candidate put forward by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Finally, the search for the AirAsia airbus with 162 people on board continues over Indonesian waters.  What do we know about this airline?

12/26/2014 Marketplace - Raises for everyone!

Is 2015 the year we all get a raise? Disney tries its hand at darker movies with "Into the Woods." And a guide to buying all the things money can't buy.

Marketplace: Ugly sweater edition

Airing on Thursday December 25, 2014: Ugly holiday sweaters have a renaissance ... a must-have Christmas toy still tops gift lists three decades later ... and why you can copyright music but not a recipe.