Every weekday on Marketplace, Kai Ryssdal hosts a lively and unexpected exploration of the day’s business and economic news from Wall Street to your wallet.

Recent Episodes

12-4-15 - Marketplace - Car Vending Machine

Nashville is now home to a vending machine for cars; NBC's "The Wiz Live!" draws millions in tweets and viewers; and a look back on this week in business and finance. 

12-3-15 - Marketplace - S&P Bank Ratings

The S&P lowered ratings for major banks today, but that may not be a bad thing; a profile of the woman behind Pantone's Color of the Year; and an interview with the man behind the "Oscars of video games."

12-2-15 - Marketplace - China's Renewable Energy

Yahoo turns to the possibility of selling as the company struggles to grow; how David Price's $217 million deal with the Red Sox is just one example of salary inflation in baseball; and why some of China's renewable energy is going to waste. 

12-1-15 - Marketplace - Who pays to fix climate change?

As the U.N. climate summit continues, questions arise about which countries should provide funding for change; a look into the life of a young woman seeking asylum in the United States; and how a merger is waking up the mattress industry. 

11-30-15 - Marketplace - IMF Accepts Chinese Currency

World leaders and billionaires commit to clean energy at the U.N. climate change summit; China joins the "grown-ups table" at the IMF; and how Adele's record-breaking album is defying market trends in the music industry.

11/27/2015 Marketplace - How charities share data

The month or so between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day is huge for charities. But when you make a year-end donations, you could be contributing personal information to marketers too. Plus, new guidelines for the commercial space industry and LAX's new terminal for the rich and famous.