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11-26-13 Marketplace - Suit up!

Men’s Wearhouse turns the tables on its would-be acquirer, Jos. A. Bank. What one suits-for-the-masses retailer has to gain by buying another. The pope dished out a searing critique of capitalism today. But what influence does the Papal office have these days? We take another look at why the 30-year fixed mortgage is our home loan of choice. And finally, the economics of airline cancellations: How airlines anticipate and react to big storms barreling down at peak travel periods like Thanksgiving.

11-25-13 Marketplace - Iran so far away

With a six-month agreement in place to thaw some of the restrictions on doing business in Iran, international firms are now making calculations about whether to get involved in that marketplace, or wait and see what comes next. Also, Yahoo! is hiring Katie Couric. It’s the latest in a number of high-priced recruitments by the internet company, but Couric is unusual. She’s older, she’s a TV icon, and she’s a host, not a reporter. Finally, the Affordable Care Act has turned insurance brokers into a legion of private navigators for individuals and families faced with insurance decisions. The brokers are frustrated by the law’s complications and the failures of, but also have a wave of new business.

11-22-13 Marketplace - Bubble pops

Justin Rowlatt of the BBC talks about helium’s impact on the world, and what’s being done to conserve it. Wall Street bankers take a turn on the stand-up comedy stage.  Cable TV has been losing subscribers to satellite and phone companies—not to mention a growing online video presence. How will merging Time Warner with another company affect the cable TV business? Social media art sales are breaking down the white walls of the traditional art gallery business model. Now that the rules for breaking a Senate filibuster have changed, what will be President Obama's first move?

11-21-13 Marketplace - Target practice

Target is the latest low-price retailer to lower expectations because consumers aren’t spending freely. The problem appears to be lower-income consumers, worried about jobs, food and gas. Also on the show: Many would say that the unveiling of Obamacare has been one of the worst product launches in history. Now comes the do-over: New branding (Only refer to it as the ACA -- not Obamacare). And finally, United Airlines and Delta are tweaking their frequent flier mileage plans. American and US Airways will to, following their merger. The changes will devalue miles earned by frequent fliers, potentially alienating customers.

11-20-13 Marketplace - Hanging up

It’s shaping up to be a good holiday for people looking to get a deal on consumer electronics. Best Buy says it’s preparing deep discounts – even if they put profit margins at risk – to win the holiday season. Rivals are expected to follow. Next, the FCC is moving toward allowing phone companies to replace their century-old land lines with internet-based phone service. Finally, our series The New Math of Health Care continues with a look at what 'value' means in the context of health.

11-19-13 Marketplace - JPM and $13B

Most banks with legal exposure to the financial crisis are dealing with the lawsuits one-by-one. But today, J.P. Morgan Chase decided to deal with the whole issue in one go, and settle for $13 billion. We begin a special collaboration with the New York Times that we're calling The New Health Care Math. Plus, meatpackers and ranchers are fighting each other over new labeling rules that take effect Saturday, requiring packaged meat to state where the animal that contributed said meat was raised, slaughtered and processed. And finally, the Obama administration launches a $100 million race-to-the-top-style competition meant to overhaul career and tech education by pairing high schools with colleges and employers.