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11-05-13 Marketplace - How to helpout

Google launches its new video-conferencing advice and how-to service, called Google Helpouts. What calculation did Google make in deciding there’s money to be made connecting users to real people via video for advice? Also, the Department of Justice is talking with American Airlines and US Airways about possibly lifting their anti-trust action against the airlines’ merger if they make concessions on slots at airports. And finally, the case of one 300-pound NFL player bullying another raises the question of why so many workplaces of all kinds tolerate bullying and hazing in their work forces.

11-04-13 Marketplace - A bit insider-y

The hedge fund SAC has plead guilty to insider trading. The government has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to trading in material non-public information, but where exactly is that line drawn? Kellogg's slashed 7 percent of its workforce, and it planning to market more to older consumers, not kids. Finally, the tentative takeover offer from BlackBerry’s largest shareholder for the company has collapsed.  Instead of purchasing BlackBerry and taking it private,  Fairfax Financial Holdings, and an unnamed group of institutional investors will invest $1 billion in the struggling company.  

11-01-13 Marketplace - Snapped

A boost to food stamps funding leftover from the government’s 2009 stimulus package is expiring. How will families, grocery stores, and corporate America feel the pain? The Container Store’s share price doubled shortly after its IPO this morning. Some might think that high-end organizing is a sign the economy is doing well. And Marketplace's Queena Kim goes on a mission to find out what the Google Barge is all about … or not. 

10-31-13 Marketplace - Boo! I quit.

The FAA has allowed airline passengers to use some mobile devices during takeoff and landing. But they still want you to shut off your tablet during the all-important safety message before takeoff. The Select USA conference is taking place in Washington. The goal is to convince investors from across the world that the U.S. is an attractive place to invest. A report out today shows more people are quitting their jobs. Is this more confidence in the job market? Or about healthcare mobility?

10-30-13 - Untapered

The Federal Reserve reaffirmed, to no one's surprise, that its stimulus will continue. So if that's not surprising, why are investors and economists so concerned about when the Fed might decide to "taper?" Also, the National Black Child Development Institute says the conversation around poverty and development goals for the African-American community need to be shifted. And finally, the battle to save coal from President Obama’s alleged War on Coal is now fully engaged. The coal industry and its political supporters have launched their counterattack to EPA rules.

10-29-2013 Marketplace - Wrist resurgence

There are perils for too-low inflation for too long, because inflation can help wages and companies grow. Plus, in rural areas, one out of every 5 landline long-distance calls doesn't go through. How far behind have rural areas been left? Finally, as smart phones gained popularity, people quit looking at their wrists to tell the time. But now the wrist is back. Samsung and Google could be about to spar over that piece of real estate.