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Recent Episodes

12-11-15 - Marketplace - Christmas shopping woes

Why UPS may fall behind on shipping this holiday season; after 51 years as a Christmas special, Rudolph the reindeer still shines; and a look back on this week in business and finance. 

12-10-15 - Marketplace - Chipotle tries to recover

An interview with outgoing United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; Chipotle's attempt to recover from numerous virus breakouts; and how mass shootings impact gun sales.

12-9-15 - Marketplace - Who made bitcoin?

An interview with Gizmodo writer Sam Biddle, a journalist trying to "unmask" the creator of Bitcoin; a look at the state of affirmative action in wake of today's Supreme Court hearing; and how a startup is changing the consulting industry. 

12-8-15 - Marketplace - Sunken Treasure

The legal battle for the 300-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Colombia; Marketplace's Molly Wood talks about Google's new private medical research company; and how low oil prices might cause some companies to stop drilling. 

12-7-15 - Marketplace - Changing the tax code

Obama calls on the tech leaders to help fight terrorism; another installment of "I've Always Wondered..": this time, we look at the tax code; and climate talks in Paris end this week, what happens now?

12-4-15 - Marketplace - Car Vending Machine

Nashville is now home to a vending machine for cars; NBC's "The Wiz Live!" draws millions in tweets and viewers; and a look back on this week in business and finance.