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09-06-13 Marketplace - Getting jobbed

The Labor Department's jobs report comes out every month -- but it's actually two reports in one. This month, one survey shows the economy adding jobs, and the other shows it losing jobs. How do you make sense of that? next, we're hearing more about how much the National Security Agency can surveil -- will the revelation (at least for much of the public) that data encryption isn’t secure change the way businesses operate? And finally, consumer products companies are offering customers upscale versions of everyday household goods – everything from embossed paper towels to tampons in designer packaging. 

Technology that comes from a company in Sioux Falls is helping farmers do more with less in a high-tech way.

09-05-13 Marketplace - Chickenomics

Two stories about chickens in today's show: First, how it makes economic sense to ship chicken carcasses to China for processing into nuggets that are then shipped back to the U.S. The question is key because the Agriculture Department just announced that it has approved four Chinese chicken processors to ship meat to the U.S. Also, the McDonald's Dollar Menu -- including chicken nuggets -- is … evolving.  The company is testing a version that includes items priced at  $1, $2 and even $5. Finally, we get a first look at some pricing of health care under the Obamacare overhaul.

09-04-13 Marketplace - Follow the money, to Syria

As Congress weighs whether to authorize military action in Syria, some have asked Secretary of State John Kerry what became of the small arms military aid already promised to Syrian rebels. The short answer? It’s complicated. Also, the ratings agency S&P is accusing the U.S. government of suing it over the financial crisis because it was the only agency to downgrade U.S. debt.

09-03-13 Marketplace - Microkia

Microsoft acquires Nokia in a $7.2 billion deal that aims to make Microsoft a player in the mobile-phone market. Next, after two years of radiation leaks, Japan steps in to get the worsening Fukushima disaster under control. What will nearly $500 million buy? One possibility is a wall of ice that will seal the reactors and their contaminated water from the ocean. And finally, Samsung goes all Dick Tracy.

09-02-13 Marketplace - Obamacare labor

Verizon Communications has agreed to buy out Vodafone's stake in Verizon Wireless, giving it full control of the most profitable mobile service provider in the country. The number of Americans using heroin has been on the rise, reaching epidemic proportions in rural areas and suburbs. It's the last holiday weekend this year and that's a big deal on the Jersey Shore, especially after recovering from Hurricane Sandy last year. And we hear about the one bright spot in the Vietnamese economy: coffee.