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03/31/2017: Disaster relief is uncertain under Trump

More than a dozen major disasters — mudslides, floods, a huge bridge collapse in Atlanta this week — have hit the U.S. since President Donald Trump took office. There'a few federal agencies in charge of clean-up and relief, but it's not yet clear how they'll change in this new administration. For example, FEMA doesn't have a director yet, even as trump has proposed hundreds of millions in cuts. Plus: A Federal reserve governor visits West Virginia and the latest on Trump's executive orders. And, as always, we'll wrap up the week in business and economic news.

03/30/2017: What does it take to get a security clearance?

Ivanka Trump has officially become and unpaid assistant to the president with an office in the White House and a security clearance. But what does it take to get security clearance? How much does it cost to grant security clearance? We got some answers. Also from Washington: The Congressional Budget Office released a report today projecting the United States reaching a record level of publicly held debt by 2017. We take a look at how demographic shifts have contributed to this problem. We also talk with NFL players Malcolm Jenkins and Anquan Boldin, about their campaign for criminal justice reform. 

03/29/2017: Brexit begins

After more than four decades of membership with the European Union , the British government has officially notified its European partners that the U.K. is leaving the bloc. Marketplace’s London Bureau Chief Stephen Beard looks at how global banks and financial institutions based in the city of London are preparing for Brexit. Also on today's show, we take a look at how Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are looking to capitalize on the recent move in Congress to repeal rules aimed at protecting online privacy. Plus, Marketplace host Molly Wood talks to Stacy Smith, the executive vice president leading manufacturing, operations and sales at Intel, about why he thinks computing power will continue to advance despite barriers.

03/28/2017: Trump can't save coal

Obamacare is the law of the land, so now the GOP is moving onto the federal budget. Easy enough, right? Um, no. Then: President Donald Trump's latest executive order rolls back several climate regulations. But can deregulation alone save coal? (No, it can't.) Plus, the latest on Brexit and robots that may be able to predict your death. Happy Tuesday.

03/27/2017: Can the government really act like a business?

What now? That's the question after House Republicans last week failed to pass a repeal-and-replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act. We take a look at what might happen to state and federal insurance exchanges in 2018. We also re-visit the question "Can the government really act like a business?" President Trump seems to think so. Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, will head a new department with an old concept: use data-driven business practices and apply them to government. Lastly, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a major proponent of school choice, but that program could put some rural districts at risk of losing funds.

03/24/2017: Obamacare is the law of the land. Now what?

Well then. Seven years and one day after the Affordable Care Act became law, after more than 50 votes to repeal and one tense, go-for-broke replacement attempt under President Donald Trump, Republicans backed off their health care plan. We'll leave the political post-mortems to others, and instead just focus on the economy and tax reform, which the GOP says is next on their agenda. Plus, we have a double-dose of Disney stories (one in the boardroom, another at the theater) and the thrilling conclusion of our NAFTA series.