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12/29/16: Why you don’t have to worry about the trade deficit

Donald Trump has made cutting the U.S. trade deficit one of the centerpieces of his trade agenda. But are trade deficits necessarily a bad thing for the economy? Also: The White House announced sanctions against Russia in retaliation for cyberattacks today. We spoke with Nick Wadhams, foreign policy reporter for Bloomberg, about the response.  Millions of refugees have left their home country for a better life in Germany. Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson looks at how Berlin’s tech industry is helping to resettle refugees. 

12/28/16: Don't get too excited about the Dow

So the Dow didn't hit 20,000 today, but when it does, what's the big deal? We often say the stock market isn't the economy, but the Dow isn't even the whole market. Also on today's show: If you haven't returned your Samsung Note 7, you should probably do that soon because several carriers plan on releasing an update to end all updates. Lastly: A look ahead at how Trump might approach job growth with unemployment already under five percent. 

12/27/16: And now the presents go back

Christmas shopping is over but Christmas returns are just getting started. An estimated 10 percent of holiday presents will be returned. We look at the logistics of sending gifts back and how brick-and-mortar stores might profit. Also: The nation's second-largest union, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) plans to cut its budget by 30 percent over the next year. Unions expect to defend workers' rights effectively with less spending when it also believes those rights may be threatened by Republican control of the federal government. Finally: An ode to Carrie Fisher and the many jobs you might not know she had. 

12/26/16: What does the Council of Economic Advisers actually do?

As Trump continues his transition, we take a look at the role of the Council of Economic Advisers. They're kind of like the president's personal think tank. Also on today's show: Why drug resistance to infections and diseases is becoming a global economic problem. And on a lighter note: Ever wonder how hops are priced? You asked, we answered for the latest installment of I've Always Wondered...

12/23/16: Coal is having a comeback, but can it last?

The thing about nuclear weapons is ... they're really expensive. On today's Weekly Wrap Molly Wood talks to Nela Richardson from Redfin and Felix Salmon of Fusion about this week's economic news. One of the biggest stories they discussed is Trump's statement about expanding the United State's "nuclear capabilities." Also: A look at the coal industry. Coal mining firms have been in a significant slump, but now there may be signs of recovery. Finally: We hear from a shop owner in Southern California about the challenges of sustaining a a family-owned Christmas shop since 1962. 

12/22/16: What's your return policy?

Greece, Italy... We're nearly a decade from the beginnings of the global financial crisis, and debt crises keep popping up. Then: the Commerce Department announced the economy grew even faster than we thought in the third quarter. We're at a healthy 3.5 percent, and there's still the fourth quarter to measure. Also President-elect Donald Trump will take office with a pledge to sharply raise tariffs. Will that expand the economy, or shrink it? Plus: The Navy's fight against climate change and everything you've always wondered about return policies, just in time to wrap up your holiday shopping.