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07/26/2017: Inside the mind of Janet Yellen

The Federal Open Market Committee wrapped up its meeting today. No changes in interest rates, as we all knew there wouldn't be. But the Fed did change its narrative of the American economy. We'll try to read the tea leaves in Chair Janet Yellen's statement. Then: Amazon says it's hiring 50,000 people for fulfillment centers all around the country. That's about a quarter of all the jobs the entire economy has been adding every month. But is the hiring spree actually as big a deal as it seems? Plus: A Nashville organization tries to pair refugee organizations with hipster restaurants.

07/25/2017: This is what "voting to proceed" looks like

The Senate's effort to repeal-and-something Obamacare inched forward a bit today, and the next 24 hours or so are going to be busy. We'll walk though what happens next. Then: The Federal Reserve meets tomorrow, so let's talk interest rates. The benchmark federal funds rate has gone up a full percentage point since the Fed started hikes. So why isn't your saving account making a thing? Plus: Farmers are struggling thanks mostly to low commodity prices amid a global grain glut. We'll look at the view from the wheat fields.

07/24/2017: One thing Republicans like about Obamacare

There are two big votes on Capitol Hill tomorrow, and we'll talk about both on the show today. First, the House is taking a bill on Russian sanctions. They're a source of tension with the White House and some businesses in the European Union who say they'll be squeezed. Then: As health care keeps gobbling up more and more of our economy, controlling costs is something everybody agrees on. Ahead of another Senate vote tomorrow, we'll look at the Affordable Care Act's Innovation Center, which finds ways to slow spending while looking out for patients. Plus, some of the best views of the upcoming solar eclipse will be from rural Oregon. That's an economic super nova for one farming town. 

07/21/2017: Stop worrying and love the summer

We pay tribute to the summer movie season with a look back at the thriller that put blockbusters on the summer calendar: "Jaws." Plus, we talk short selling with the Wall Street Journal's Ben Eisen and get into Amazon's $12 million lobbying budget and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's message to GOP lawmakers grappling with President Trump's tax plans.

07/20/2017: On to the next

While the Senate keeps on trying to figure out what it's gonna do about health care, there are plenty of other economic policy problems to deal with. The next big project on the table is tax reform. We take a look at how that debate is shaping up. Also on today's show: What do gold, glitz and lawsuits have in common? The Trump International Hotel. Plus, we talk to Clint Rainey from Bloomberg Businessweek about America’s cheese surplus and the "mad cheese scientists" who are trying to solve it. That's right, cheese scientists. 

07/19/2017: Remember when we said the plan to repeal Obamacare was over? Yeah, no.

The Republican effort to get rid of Obamacare and maybe, sometime, replace it is alive again. Or is it? The Congressional Budget Office released a new score this afternoon on GOP efforts to repeal and delay replacement. The bottom line: 32 million more people without insurance by 2026, and a cut in federal deficits by $473 billion in that same period. We'll get you up to speed. Then: local governments all around the country have sent the White House hundreds of projects for consideration under a big infrastructure package. But Trump's push for private investment could mean his base gets left out of the spending spree. Plus: Can baseball movies make a comeback?