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03/16/2017: It's budget day

The budget plan the White House released today is sort of like an extension of President Donald Trump's tweets: It gives you a sense of his thinking, but it's not the whole plan. It's called a "skinny budget." We'll discuss what that means and what it says. Then, Trump told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that he wants to cut business taxes from 35 percent down to 15 percent. But what businesses actually pay that much, and what would a cut mean for the economy? Plus, a conversation with the CEO of the Uber-for-chores company TaskRabbit and one man's billion-dollar bet against Herbalife stock.

03/15/2017: Take a (very small) hike

It's official: The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, with two more hikes expected this year. We'll talk through Chair Janet Yellen's announcement. Then: President Donald Trump's plan for a border adjustment tax seems like a straightforward enough way to encourage companies to buy American and hire American, but is it legal? Plus, the view from an Uber-less SXSW and the remarkable success of "Get Out."

03/14/2017: When health care reform is tax reform

We're still digging through the Congressional Budget Office report on Republicans' Obamacare replacement. Today we're looking at the plan's $600 billion in tax cuts for the health industry and wealthy Americans. Then, what you need to know about Intel's big bid to get in the autonomous car business. Plus: inside the NBA's minor leagues and one man's mission to spread the truth about caramelized onions.

03/13/2017: Let's do the numbers on health care

Snowstorm aside, it's a busy start of the week in Washington. The Congressional Budget Office just did the numbers on Republicans' Obamacare replacement, and, well, we may need to break out "Stormy Weather." Plus, the Federal Reserve is meeting tomorrow and Wednesday, so we'll soon have an official call on interest rates. We'll look at the relationship between the Fed and the White House over the years. Plus, can Trump help send a human to Mars?

03/10/2017: What does (almost) full employment really feel like?

We got the jobs numbers for the first full month of the Trump administration today: 235,000 jobs, and 4.7 percent unemployment. We'll talk about what that means in the Weekly Wrap, and then look at the folks who still cant' find work as we near "full employment." Plus, oil's public image problems and one very expensive field trip.

03/09/2017: American infrastructure stinks

If you're listening to our show in your car, or on the train, or while looking at a dam, we probably don't need to tell you: American infrastructure is not great. In fact, thanks to the American Society of Civil Engineers' annual report card, we know it's just this side of failing: D+ this year. President Donald Trump has promised to fix the country's infrastructure in part with tax incentives and public-private partnerships. We'll look at how that works. Then: We've learned more about how Trump plans to fund his big defense boost: by cutting about $6 billion from Housing and Urban Development. Plus, a commercial drone industry begets an anti-drone industry.