Morning Edition for Friday, September 6, 2013

Obama Uses G-20 Summit To Gather Support On Syria

The G-20 meeting draws to a close on Friday, overshadowed by the crisis in Syria. President Obama continues to try, both at home and abroad, to build support for a U.S. military strike on Syria.

Assessing Role Extremists Play In Syrian Opposition

Renee Montagne talks to Elizabeth O'Bagy of the Institute for the Study of War about the balance of power among different rebel groups in Syria.

India's New Central Banker Steps Into A Perfect Storm

The new chairman of the Reserve Bank of India infused a sense of much-needed optimism this week, but analysts say the exuberance is unlikely to last. India's economic growth has crashed, its currency has plunged and prices are up. After a decade of high growth rates, India is now the sick man of Asia.

Correcting Thursday's 'Word Of Mouth' Segment

Renee Montagne has a correction for Thursday's segment "Word of Mouth" with Tina Brown, the editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast.

Broncos Kick Off NFL Season With One For Record Books

The Denver Broncos celebrated a 49-27 win over the Baltimore Ravens Thursday night. Peyton Manning threw for seven touchdown passes — the first quarterback to do that since 1969.

Communications Gear Hitches Ride With Lunar Probe

A satellite is scheduled to take off for the Moon Friday — carrying an instrument that could represent the future of deep space communication. Instead of sending data back to earth using radio waves, the Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration will use pulsed light waves.

Millennials Force Car Execs To Rethink Business Plans

There's been a sort of collective freak-out in the auto industry about millennials and their waning interest in cars. Our series, reporting on the changing relationship between youth culture and the automobile, draws to a close.

Rates Come Down On Jumbo Mortgage Loans

The interest rate on jumbo mortgages — those that exceed a government-set cap of $417,000 — has fallen below the rate for traditional loans. Mortgage industry observers say it's the first time this has happened.

G-20 Fears An End To Fed's Quantitative Easing

Some G-20 members are worried the Federal Reserve will soon scale back the quantitative easing measures that helped to stimulate the U.S. economy during the Great Recession. An end to those policies might have a severe impact on countries such as Indonesia, which have benefited from the global economic growth that quantitative easing caused.

Bidding War Breaks Out For Small Strip Of Land

Two Wall Street types competed for a narrow lot bordering both of their properties. The county in New York intended to sell the lot for $10. The winning bid was $120,000.
The jobless rate dipped to 7.3 percent in August as 169,000 jobs were added to public and private payrolls, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated. This report has taken on special significance because it could affect the Federal Reserve's plan to begin phasing out its bond-buying program.
Renee Montagne talks to Middle East Institute scholar Randa Slim about the regional implications of a U.S. military strike in Syria.
Scientists looking back on last year's extreme weather events conclude that human-induced climate change didn't cause any of the events, but appears to have made some of them worse. The results are published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Primary Election For NYC Comptroller Heats Up

When disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer jumped into the race for New York City comptroller, no one seemed more surprised than the other Democrat in the race, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. But Stringer didn't back down, and now polls show the primary race is too close to call.

Remembering A Boss Who Led A Team To Safety On Sept. 11

Connie Labetti worked on the 99th floor of the south tower — the second tower to be hit that day. Her boss, Ron Fazio, helped her and others make it out alive.

Rural County Wants To Secede From California

Siskiyou County wants to break free of California and its high taxes. It wants to form its own state. Steve Inskeep talks to Michael Kobseff, a member of the county Board of Supervisors that passed a declaration this week to do just that.
Federal lawmakers have been unable to solve a widely acknowledged problem with the formula used to set the pay for doctors who treat Medicare patients. Now, after a series of temporary patches, a bipartisan solution may be at hand.

Secretary Napolitano Finishes Up At Homeland Security

Friday is Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's last day on the job. She is leaving Washington, and will become president of the University of California system at the end of the month.

Olympic Committee To Announce 2020 Summer Games Host

Saturday in Argentina, the International Olympic Committee will announce the host of the 2020 Summer Games. The committee is choosing from among Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. The contenders all have strong selling points, but each also has serious issues clouding its bid.

White House 'Exhausts' Diplomatic Options On Syria

President Obama is trying to win congressional support for a limited military strike on Syria. Democrat Rep. Joe Manchin of W. Va. says Washington must "exhaust all diplomatic options" before it acts. Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken tells Steve Inskeep he believes all options have been exhausted.

It Could Soon Be Drone Hunting Season

Deer Trail, Colo., is considering a plan to issue hunting licenses for people to shoot down drones. It's a protest against federal surveillance. And even though the proposal has not passed, the Denver Post says 983 people applied.

Florida's Byler Sextuplets Turn Six Years Old

The Byler kids have started kindergarten — each in separate classrooms. Apparently it's been a tough transition. It's the first time the five brothers and one sister have been on their own since they were born.
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