Morning Edition for Monday, September 16, 2013

U.S. Allies Meet In Paris On Syria Plan

Diplomacy on Syria shifts to the United Nations, where the Security Council on Monday will hear what chemical weapons inspectors found when they visited the scene of last month's deadly gas attack. At the same time, Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris to talk to allies about the U.S.-Russian agreement on getting rid of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal.

Germany's Refugee Policy Tested By New Arrivals

As many as 5,000 Syrian refugees are moving to Germany this month, but they aren't receiving the warmest welcome in a country where a growing number of Germans are unhappy about the steady stream of asylum seekers. Fanning the flames are extremists, who want Germany to close its doors to refugees.

Technology Transforms TV Ratings And Ad Sales

How are television ratings being done these days? It was only about a decade ago that TiVos and other DVRs started showing up in U.S. households. And more and more, we're watching TV online and on demand. How is the new technology changing the science of television ratings?

Shows About Families Dominate Fall TV Season

There are a lot of sitcoms about adult children and their crotchety old parents, and even more sitcoms based on families. Eric Deggans of the Tampa Bay Times talks to Steve Inskeep about new fall shows.

Crowded Field Tries To Make Baseball's Post Season

The end of Major League Baseball's regular season is less than two weeks away. It's the time of year when a long plodding season breaks into an all-out sprint among teams trying to qualify for the playoffs. The field this year is especially crowded as a few of the usual suspects are joined in the chase by some newcomers.

Calling Obesity A Disease May Make It Easier To Get Help

If obesity were a disease, would you be more likely to seek medical help because insurance would pay for treatment? Or would you feel stigmatized and just give up? That's the debate surrounding increased efforts to classify obesity as a disease.
Can I wait to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare until I get sick? Do young people really have to buy it? And isn't Obamacare really a negative term? Julie Rovner answers these and more as opening day looms for the new health exchanges.

South, North Koreans To Return To Kaesong Complex

South Korean managers are heading back to their factories at a complex located just north of the Demilitarized Zone. They're teaming up with North Korean workers to test-run idle assembly lines. The complex has been closed for five months because of political tensions between the two countries.

Dear Apple: Good Luck Against The Smartphone Black Market

The new iPhone's fingerprint recognition technology is the company's first major effort to combat smartphone theft. But with an insatiable global appetite for the devices, will it really make a difference?

Chili's To Install Table-Top Computers Screens

Chili's Grill & Bar is leading the way in digital dining. The restaurant chain is installing table-top computer screens to allow customers to place orders and swipe their credit card, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Summers Pulls His Name From Consideration For Fed Chief

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has withdrawn from consideration as the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. He cited a potentially divisive nomination hearing. Summers was widely thought to be President Obama's top choice to replace Ben Bernanke next year.

Obama Faces Huge Economic Conerns

One issue is whether the government will be forced to shut down because it can't pay its bills. The other is whether that failure would put the country into a default position.

Rain Still Falling In Waterlogged Northern Colorado

Residents are flocking to shelters to escape massive flooding from days of rain. Hundreds of people remain stranded. Four deaths have been blamed on the deluge, and authorities fear the death toll could go higher.

Climate Change Worries Slow Keystone XL Pipeline Debate

Five years ago, a Canadian company proposed building a pipeline to connect Canada's tar sands oil development with the big U.S. refineries on the Gulf Coast. The southern stretch of this pipeline is nearly finished, but the northern stretch is still being studied. Politicians in Washington and Canada are ramping up the pressure for approval while environmentalists are pushing hard against it.
Here Comes the Troika is a satirical card game where players can stash away savings in Swiss bank accounts or fund useless airports or high-speed trains to nowhere. The winner is the one who can hide the most money in offshore accounts, win elections — and avoid the dreaded troika card.
Steve Inskeep talks to David Kay, former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq about the Russia-U.S. brokered plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons.

Engineers Begin Righting Wrecked Cruise Ship

The Costa Concordia is lying on its side in shallow waters off the west coast of Italy. It struck a reef 20 months ago when the captain steered too close to land. Thirty-two people died. On Monday, the task is to begin to slowly rotate the ship to an upright position, using a complex system of chains and underwater platforms and cables.
Five years ago this week, Lehman Brothers collapsed, and America's financial crisis began. On Monday morning, President Obama will mark the anniversary with a speech in the White House Rose Garden. The White House released a new report ahead of the address, assessing how the government's efforts to stabilize the economy turned out.

'The Muslims Are Coming!' To Middle America

The documentary, The Muslims Are Coming!, is about some Muslim-American comedians on a U.S, tour to combat Islamophobia with humor. The comedians set up an Ask A Muslim booth and encourage passersby to play a quiz called Name That Religion. The goal is to familiarize more people with Muslims and Islam.

Mansfield Waits 121 Years For 2nd Night Game

In 1892, Mansfield University held the first night football game. New electric lights illuminated the field. Just not very well. Mansfield abandoned night games until this past Saturday when they defeated Princeton.

United To Honor Free Tickets Generated During Glitch

Some faulty online data caused airline tickets to be sold for free last week. The carrier closed down its booking engine after learning about the glitch. United isn't saying how many freebie seats were sold, but they've agreed to honor all the tickets.
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