Morning Edition for Friday, December 6, 2013

South Africa is in deep sadness following the death of former President Nelson Mandela. He died Thursday at the age of 95 following a lengthy illness. Renee Montagne talks to Lydia Polgreen, the Johannesburg bureau chief for The New York Times, about Mandela's death.

Mandela's Powerful Influence On Barack Obama

President Obama offered a remembrance of Nelson Mandela at the White House on Thursday, shortly after news broke of the South African leader's death. Obama talked about Mandela not only as an icon, but as a three-dimensional human being.
Morning Edition remembers some of Nelson Mandela's most memorable speeches. The former South African president died on Thursday at the age of 95.
The book lists the tax that importers have to pay on approximately every single thing in the universe — and raises a key question about the Planet Money T-shirt.

A Frustrating Year For Immigration Activists

At the start of the year there was widespread expectation among Latinos that 2013 would bring with it a new immigration law. That hasn't happened and immigration activists in North Carolina are frustrated.

Mandela's Death Reverberates Across U.S.

American flags are flying at half-staff in honor of Nelson Mandela. The human rights icon died on Thursday following a lengthy illness. In Washington, D.C., there has been heavy traffic around the South African embassy as mourners converge on the area.

Mexico Contemplates Changing Term-Limit Rule

Lawmakers in Mexico are considering a major change to their elections. For more than a century, the country has had the ultimate term limits: nobody can be re-elected.
The Labor Department releases its monthly jobless numbers Friday morning. Month-to-month, the numbers haven't changed very much, and analysts don't expect any surprises this month.

Value In Brazil's State Oil Company Drops

Brazil's state oil company Petrobras lost 15 percent of its market value this week — that's some $10 billion. Analysts predict more trouble ahead for the oil giant.

Nelson Mandela Helps Madiba Shirts To Become Popular

In practically every image of Nelson Mandela after he became president in 1994, he is wearing a silk, long-sleeved, button-up shirt covered with bright, colorful patterns. Those shirts were custom made by a white South African fashion designer.

Forgiveness And Reconciliation, Mandela's Legacy

Former South African President Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95. He had dedicated his life to ending the racially oppressive apartheid system and creating a democratic and inclusive South Africa.
When Nelson Mandela was sent to prison 35 years ago, as a prisoner of apartheid, seven others were convicted with him. Renee Montagne talks to Ahmed Kathrada, who was just 34 when he stepped onto Robben Island with Mandela.

De Klerk On Mandela's 'Remarkable Lack Of Bitterness'

South Africa's last white-minority president was F.W. De Klerk. He and Nelson Mandela shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize for engineering the peaceful transition of South Africa out of white minority rule.
The world wants Syria's chemical arsenal destroyed. But so far, no country has offered to do the dirty work on its soil. Over the past week, an alternative has gained ground: Carry out the destruction at sea. The plan taking shape is complicated and untested, but it just might work.
A ship called the Daniel J. Morrell was making its last haul of the season when it broke apart in a heavy storm on Lake Huron in November 1966. A few crew members struggled to stay afloat in the driving wind and waves, but ultimately, Dennis Hale was the shipwreck's sole survivor.
Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston, considered a Heisman Trophy front-runner, has been facing allegations that he assaulted a female FSU student in December 2012, prior to his college career. Winston's attorney has contended that his client had consensual sex with the woman.

Africans Saddened By News Of Mandela's Death

Tributes to Nelson Mandela have been pouring in from all over the world. South Africans are mourning the loss of the symbolic anti-apartheid leader. His leadership and legacy affected the entire African continent.
For the first time in its history, Pakistan is poised to put a former president and army chief of staff on trial. A special court has been convened to hear allegations against General Pervez Musharraf. He's charged with committing treason after he suspended the nation's constitution in 2007 and declared a state of emergency.

Renee Montagne Reflects On Covering Mandela

Nelson Mandela was released from a South African prison in 1990. Steve Inskeep talks to Renee Montagne about her time covering South Africa in the early 1990s.

Why Music Played An Important Role In Mandela's Life

Morning Edition reports on the music that sustained Nelson Mandela and other members of the anti-apartheid movement while they were in a South African prison. Many of them were huge reggae fans.
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