Morning Edition for Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Justice Department will answer a challenge to a provision in the law requiring most employers that offer health insurance to include birth control at no cost. A group of Catholic nuns objects to the provision, and they won a temporary reprieve from Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.
If people have insurance coverage, the theory went, they won't end up in the emergency room as often. But an analysis of Oregon's expansion of Medicaid found that people who gained coverage were 40 percent more likely to go to the emergency room.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner famously played Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Now he's starring in a new stage production of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. Warner talks to NPR's David Greene about his audition for the part of Theo, what he learned from Bill Cosby and how his new play differs from the 1967 movie that inspired it.
On a snowy day, kids want to know about school. Why not ask someone with good sources like Dante de Blasio, the teenage son of New York City's new mayor. A screenshot of a chat, reportedly from his Facebook page, went viral. A friend asked if school would be canceled. Dante replied, "I'm trying (to) convince my dad."
A corruption investigation in Turkey has already forced three cabinet ministers to resign. Turkish media reports say the scandal reaches to the top of the government of Prime Minister Erdogan. He's denies wrongdoing, accusing his opponents and foreign governments of conspiring to bring him down.

Rebels In South Sudan Secure Control Over Bor

The battle for the minor city of Bor was always about location. Bor is the capital of Jonglei State, providing a base from which to attack that region's oil fields. Bor is also just north of the capital Juba.

Violence Welcomes New Year In Parts Of Africa

When the year 2013 began, there were signs of improving economies across Africa. But a series of flare ups in Mali, Nigeria, Central African Republic and South Sudan meant a violent year for the continent.

Cybersecurity Merger Ups FireEye's Stock Price

In a $1 billion deal, FireEye acquires Mandiant, which gained fame last year for linking cyberattacks to a Chinese military unit.

Machinists To Vote On Boeing's Latest Contract Offer

Boeing machinists are set to vote Friday on whether to accept a slightly-revised offer that union members recently rejected. Union leaders say they want to preserve pay and benefits. But they fear if machinists don't accept the offer, Boeing may move production of the 777X elsewhere.
Recreational marijuana has been on sale in Colorado for a couple days now. Residents of the state may purchase marijuana for their personal use at home. But it can be difficult for visitors to find a place to use pot since smoking in public is still illegal.
H. Ty Warner has asked a judge for probation. He's scheduled to be sentenced later this month for evading taxes on a secret Swiss bank account.

Northeast Slammed Again By Strong Winter Storm

A strong winter storm is pummeling the Northeast with snow, stiff winds and punishing cold. U.S. airlines have canceled more than 2,300 flights nationwide.
Using airstrikes and ground troops, the Iraqi military is fighting to quell an armed uprising by al-Qaida-linked militias in the country's western Anbar province. David Greene talks to Will Dunlop, a reporter for the French press agency, for an update.
By most estimates, the trouble-plagued show will have lost about $60 million when it closes tomorrow. Jeff Lunden recaps the story of commercial theater's most stunning flop.
Susan Mello Souza and Mary Moran Murphy met in 1968 at a home for unwed mothers, where their infants were quickly put up for adoption. When Susan and Mary went home, their families never discussed the pregnancies again. "The rule of thumb was, 'It never happened,' " Susan says.
Last September, Ryan Carroll, 26, won a trip to Hollywood to watch the series finale with the Breaking Bad cast. He told Florida's Naples News that the show was "highly addicting, just like the meth they make."

NFL Playoffs To Start With Wild Card Teams In Action

The NFL playoffs start this weekend. Four wild card teams face four teams that won their divisions — and there are some very interesting storylines to follow.
Malaria remains one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. But the U.S. successfully wiped out the mosquito-borne parasite from the American South in the early part of the 20th century. One researcher thinks this successful campaign offers lessons for how to stop malaria worldwide.

Want To Make Your Life Better? Keep Track Of It

The Quantified Self movement promotes something called life logging. That means tracking all kinds of details of your life in order to improve it. To find out more about the topic, David Greene talks to two people involved with life logging: Kitty Ireland, who works for a life logging app called Saga, and to David Goldstein, who turned to life logging with the help of a coach.
Cartooning was his passion as a kid, and he enrolled in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture to become better at drawing backgrounds. Now, some call Ingels a "starchitect," because his challenging designs are getting built.
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