Morning Edition for Monday, February 10, 2014

Two Syrian delegations — one from the Assad regime and one from the opposition — are in Geneva for peace talks. Meanwhile, hundreds of civilians have been evacuated from the besieged Syrian city of Homs. They've been able to leave during a ceasefire.

A Survivor Of Syria's Chemical Attacks Speaks Out

Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep talks with Amineh Salwan, a 23-year-old Syrian who survived a chemical attack at her home in the suburbs of Damascus. She then cared for victims of that same attack as a volunteer at a local field hospital.

U.S. Dominates Olympic Slopestyle Snowboarding

Team America dominated that competition over the weekend, grabbing both the men's and women's gold.

U.S. Takes Bronze In Team Figure Skating In Sochi

Russia won its first Olympic gold on Sunday. The Olympic host took first in the team figure skating, a new event for these games. Canada won silver and the U.S. team won bronze.
Social activists say they're being silenced by local authorities for calling attention to problems such as corruption and environmental degradation related to the Winter Olympics.

2 Men And A Frozen Lake Ends Poorly For Spinning Truck

Authorities in New York report a couple of guys cutting doughnuts on a frozen Lake George rolled their pickup truck. The truck landed on its roof, and the men were slightly injured.

NFL Prospect Michael Sam Says He's Gay

Michael Sam is an All-American football player for the University of Missouri. He is expected to be a top-round draft pick for the NFL this spring. And On Sunday, he came out, publicly, as gay in interviews with ESPN and The New York Times. Renee Montagne talks to Times reporter John Branch.
In Philadelphia, opening a supermarket brimming with fresh fruit and veggies in a neighborhood that lacked a grocer didn't change what residents ate, a survey shows. To change someone's food choices, cooking classes and nutrition education can be important, too.
About 10 percent of people with asthma aren't able to control it with medicine. The procedure delivers zaps of energy that burn off the outer layer of smooth muscle cells in the lungs' airways. That way there's less muscle to contract.

Why Europe Is Interested In Closer Ties With Cuba

Foreign ministers from the 28 nations of the European Union are meeting in Brussels Monday to discuss boosting trade with Cuba. The EU lifted diplomatic sanctions on Cuba in 2008. Now Spain is leading an effort to lift commercial restrictions too.

Chinese Tech Giant Lenovo Extends Its Reach In U.S.

In January, Lenovo struck deals with two American companies. In a span of one week, the company spent roughly $5 billion to purchase both IBM's low-end server business and Google's Motorola mobile phone business. The moves help establish Lenovo as a global player.

'Dumb Starbucks' Mocks Coffee Behemoth

"Dumb Starbucks" opened on Friday, serving free "dumb lattes" and other coffee drinks all weekend. The coffeehouse categorizes itself as a parody, protected by the "fair use" doctrine.
Attorney General Eric Holder is expected to announce on Monday an order granting same-sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples. Republicans say this is one more piece of evidence President Obama is not willing to work with them.

Family Planning Squeezed in California By Health Law

As more clients go on Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, some birth control clinics are losing money and looking for creative ways to adapt.
French President Francois Hollande arrives in the U.S. on Monday. In addition to a stop at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Virginia, Hollande will travel to Silicon Valley. The French president has been seen as anti-business, but he is trying to send a positive signal to French entrepreneurs with his visit to the world's high-tech capital.

EU Mute On U.S. Diplomat's Criticism Involving Ukraine

There was a U.S. diplomatic gaff last week. It involved an expletive used by an assistant secretary of State to express a rather rude form of anger at the European Union during a private phone conversation. The phone call was intercepted by someone — presumably another government — and leaked.

LAPD Mounted Platoon Enlists Cats To Control Rodents

When its tough tabby took off, the horse barn housing the LAPD's Mounted Platoon could have been overrun by rats and mice. But enter partners Willie and Harry. They're the newest grads of the "Voice for the Animals" Barn Cat Academy. Rats take note --they are at the top of their class.

Despite German Domination, More Athletes Drawn To Luge

In 2010, an athlete died in a crash during a training run on the Whistler luge course. This year, organizers of the Sochi Olympics aren't taking any chances — adding three uphill sections to the course to slow lugers down. Given the dangers, why are so many athletes with no chance of winning so passionate about the sport?

Iranians Look Back On 35 Years Since The Revolution

Tuesday marks the 35 anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. For more than three decades, relations between the U.S. and Iran have been frozen. But hope for a thaw began to emerge with last summer's election of Hassan Rouhani as president.
When the bi-partisan budget deal was announced in December, supporters heralded cuts that would balance spending increases. Among them, a slight reduction to the pensions of working-age military retirees. But a bi-partisan consensus emerged to undo it — calling into the question whether Congress has the political will necessary to make any cuts that reduce the long-term debt.

'Life' Photographer Showed Africa Through A New Lens

In the years after World War II, Eliot Elisofon traveled from Capetown to Cairo in a mobile photography studio. The pictures he took for Life magazine helped reshape Americans' understanding of the continent. Susan Stamberg takes a look at an exhibit of Elisofon's photos, currently on display at the Museum of African Art in DC.

Robin Hood Radio Tries To Save Local Community Radio

Morning Edition reports on Robin Hood Radio — a group concentrating on independent local radio.
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