Morning Edition for Friday, February 14, 2014

The proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast is raising concerns, not just for the mega cable provider it would create, but also because of the questions it raises about broadband access at a time of uncertainty around the future of network neutrality. More than half of Americans with broadband access are getting it from their cable provider.
Most Iranians back President Hassan Rouhani's efforts to reach out to the world, but so far there's been very little tangible improvement in an economy that's been hurting for years.

Report: Burning Natural Gas Is Better Than Using Coal

Methane is both a fuel and a potent greenhouse gas. A study in Science magazine suggests that about 50 percent more methane is leaking into the atmosphere than official estimates suggest. Even so, they conclude that it's better for the environment to switch electricity generation from coal power plants to those that burn methane.
New research revealing when camels were domesticated by humans shows that many depictions of camels in scripture may be off by hundreds of years. Renee Montagne talks to Carol Meyers, a professor of religious studies at Duke University, about what such anachronisms tell us about the genesis of religious texts.

L.A.'s Metro Red Line Plays Cupid

Passengers interested in speeding dating can wear pink wristbands and board cars adorned with red hearts. After two minutes, they're free to find a new seatmate. Or, if the mini-date really goes off the rails — they can get off and wait for the next train.
Anti-government demonstrations have turned violent. Steve Inskeep talks to Juan Forero, a Wall Street Journal correspondent, about the backdrop for the protests — a collapsing economy, rampant crime and shortages of basic goods. and Getty Images are partnering to offer a new photo collection of women and families. The images steer clear of familiar stereotypes — women in heels stepping on men, moms with more than two arms — and instead gravitate toward creative, energetic portraits.

Internet Match Apps Are 'Dating On Steroids'

Matchmaking apps like Tinder can help people find potential dates quickly, but sometimes efficiency isn't the best way to find true love.

Tesla Stock Hits Record High

Shares of Tesla Motors crossed the $200 barrier on Thursday before falling back down to nearly $197 — a record high for the upstart electric car maker. In the last month, Tesla stock has soared more than 43 percent.
On this Valentine's Day, Renee Montagne talks to a young economist about how he tried to apply the rules of the market to his love life. William Nicolson chronicles his journey to find a girlfriend in the memoir, The Romantic Economist.

Businesses Face Challenges This Valentine's Day

Because of bad weather, the sheriff in Oconee County, Georgia, officially postponed Cupid's holiday. In Detroit, a flower shop owner used a drone to deliver a bouquet. He got a call from the FAA.

Obama To See California Drought Conditions Firsthand

President Obama is heading to California — the state is suffering from severe drought conditions. Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains is less than 30 percent of what it should be this time of year. And that means farmers and ranchers will have to get by with much less water than they'd like come spring.

St. Paul Residents Don't Just See Ice, They Hear It

In Minnesota, the coldest winter in decades is ebbing with eerie sounds in St. Paul. The howl of melting ice on the Mississippi River got people's attention.

Men's Olympic Figure Skating Moves To Free Program

Some unfortunate falls have changed the outlook for men's figure skating. Japan and Canada are in the lead. And, Russian star Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the competition because of a back problem.

Pop Music Lags Dealing With Interracial Love Anxieties

For the past few weeks, Code Switch, our team covering race, ethnicity and culture in America, has been hosting a conversation online about romance. More specifically, romance and attraction across racial and cultural lines.

A Fiery Valentine's Day For Two Firefighters In Love

Sophy Medina and Thomas Olsen had been dating for several months when their first Valentine's Day as a couple rolled around. And it wasn't a very romantic one; after injuring themselves battling a fire, they both ended up at the same hospital, "wearing big, stinky, heavy gear."

Father And Daughter Serve Detention Together

A third-grader student was late and got detention in Plainfield, Ill. Her father said since he brings her to school, he should do the time. The school declined his offer — instead they'll serve time together.

NBA Teams Take A Break For The All-Star Game

The NBA is approaching mid-season. We catch up on how teams are doing and which players stand out. The annual All-Star game is on Sunday.

Sryia Peace Talks Appear Near Collapse

The Syrian peace talks in Geneva are in deep trouble. Representatives of the opposition met a delegation from Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime several times this week. But the two sides can't agree on an agenda.

Virginia's Ban On Gay Marriage Is Struck Down

U.S. District Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen has ruled Virginia's same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. Steve Inskeep talks to Mark Herring, Virginia's attorney general, about the ruling.

13 New Episodes Of 'House Of Cards' Available

The Netflix original series House of Cards launches its second season Friday. Morning Edition co-host David Greene talks to series creator Beau Willimon and star Robin Wright, who plays the ruthless Claire Underwood and directed some of the new season.
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