Morning Edition for Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crisis In Ukraine Overshadows Nuclear Summit

President Obama attends the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague on Tuesday. With relations between the U.S. and Russia at a critical point, there are doubts that much progress can be achieved.

NATO Monitors Defense Needs Of Allies Near Ukraine

Linda Wertheimer talks to former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Admiral James Stavridis, about NATO's role in the Ukraine-Russia crisis.
Over 20 years, the average burden for a 4-year college graduate in the U.S. has gone from $9,000 to $30,000. The percentage of students with debt has shot up from about half to nearly 70 percent.

Shearing Olympics Lacks Shaggy Sheep

Ireland's Golden Shears World Championships has 5,000 sheep so far but a thousand more are needed. So organizers are making farmers an offer.

Chevron Pizza 'Scandal' Leaves Small Town Divided

The free pizza coupons the company offered Bobtown, Pa., residents after a nearby natural gas well explosion killed a worker have been criticized as paltry, but some in the town don't feel that way.
At a rural high school outside El Paso, Texas, the principal tries to inspire poor immigrants or kids of immigrants to go to college, though many have never seen one.
A federal court jury in New York found 5 of Bernard Madoff's former employees guilty of fraud. They were accused of enriching themselves by helping the imprisoned financier carry out a Ponzi scheme.
Alibaba handles more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined. What does Alibaba do, and why has it chosen to list its shares in New York rather than Hong Kong?

Disney To Buy YouTube Video Supplier Maker Studios

Maker is the leading network for YouTube content creation. The Walt Disney Company will acquire it for $500 million.

Washington Town Waits For Mudslide To Stabilize

Rescue and recovery efforts continue where a massive mudslide killed at least 14 people, with many more missing. Emergency workers in the region are being hampered by still-dangerous conditions.

Can Mathematics Find Missing Malaysia Jetliner?

Investigators will be using every tool available to hunt for the missing Malaysian Air flight. Probabilistic analysis played a big hand in finding the missing Air France flight several years ago.
In Texas, an El Paso-based gang has spread across the U.S., and has also sent some members to Mexico for training with the Zetas. They became a transnational gang due to the drug trafficking industry.

14-Year-Old Texas Girl Writes Policeman A Ticket

The police officer violated an apartment complex's parking rules. Instead of paying a $10 fine, the officer gave the girl a Toys R Us gift card instead.
The 1989 oil spill prompted changes in oil industry regulation and spill research. But oil companies today are working in more remote places than ever, from the Arctic to deep below the ocean floor.
An Egyptian criminal court on Monday sentenced them to death over the killing of a police officer. Human rights groups say the unprecedented verdict followed a sham trial that wrapped up in 2 days.
The craft store chain's conservative Christian owners object to the Affordable Care Act mandate to include coverage for birth control in company health insurance plans.
David Giffels spent his whole life watching people — friends, colleagues, LeBron James — leave his hometown. In a new book, he reflects on the effects of those departures.
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