Morning Edition for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ukrainians Speculate What Russia Plans To Do Next

Ukrainians in Kiev are debating if the Russian military buildup on the border between the two countries is just saber rattling or the precursor to a second incursion.

What Does The Ukraine Crisis Mean For Moldova?

Russia's takeover of Crimea has other nations in the region worried. Linda Wertheimer talks to Igor Munteanu, Moldova's ambassador to the U.S.

IRS To Treat Bitcoin As Property, Not Currency

The digital currency will be taxed like stocks. The IRS ruling provides some clarity to Bitcoin users and business owners who accept the virtual currency. But it means lots of record keeping.
In 2010, Arizona passed laws aimed at undocumented immigrants. As a result, business relations with Mexico — Arizona's biggest trading partner — began to suffer.

Manhattan Gets Its First Cupcake ATM

The pink machine is next to the bakery for Sprinkles Cupcakes. It will be restocked 24 hours a day with up to 20 flavors.
West Virginia's drinking water crisis earlier this year highlighted an unsettling truth about tap water: Treatment plants test for only a fraction of the chemicals in use.
With little fanfare, President Obama is expected to sign a bill that marks the first legislative step toward undoing the Watergate-era presidential public financing program.
Parents and educators have assumed that peers matter. An unusual social engineering experiment tried to apply what's known about peer effects to the real world.

U.S. Box Office Sales Fall Slightly In 2013

On the other hand, the Motion Picture Association says box office sales worldwide are up by about 4 percent.
It's enough to leave you crying in your margarita: Lime prices are so high these days that in Mexico, organized gangs have even started stealing the fruit. Prices are no better stateside.
David Greene talks to Mark Holving, captain of the Dutch freighter Avonberg, which was stalled outside the port of Houston. The ship channel was closed after oil spilled from a barge on Saturday.

W Hotels Now Offers Social Media Wedding Concierge

For just $3,000, the concierge will live tweet your wedding and pester your guests to use a dedicated hashtag throughout the day. And afterwards, you get a collage of the best Instagrams.
President Obama is in Brussels for meetings with NATO and the European Union. Events on the sideline of Tuesday's nuclear summit at The Hague have eclipsed the nuclear agenda itself.
Thanks to fracking, there is an abundance of natural gas at about a quarter of the European price. This influx of business may be good for the U.S., but it's cause for concern for European leaders.

How To Meet Your Congressman

Arranging face time with members of Congress and their staffs is such a challenge that businesses in Washington exist to do nothing other than try to schedule meetings.
A celebrity couple splitting up is sadly not so unusual. But they can be creative when announcing it. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay's Chris Martin said they will be "consciously uncoupling."
California's severe drought has left rivers so dry that young salmon can't make their usual migration. To save the fish and the industry, the state is giving millions of salmon a lift.
Columbus, New Mexico, has a rich border history. Pancho Villa stormed across in 1916. Today, kids on the Mexico side take a bus — driven by the Columbus mayor — across the border to go to school.

The Mystery And History Of Sport's Front Office

In light of legendary coach Phil Jackson's recent move to the New York Knicks as the organization's president, commentator Frank Deford looks at how the office has evolved (or hasn't).
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