Morning Edition for Thursday, March 27, 2014

Landslide Dangers Abound In Whatcom County, Wash.

Rescuers in Washington state are still looking for the bodies in a weekend mudslide, but the recriminations have already started. Why did local authorities allow these people to live in harm's way?
Netflix has a problem: Too many people want to watch House of Cards, and there isn't enough capacity to let everyone watch at once, uninterrupted. The question is: Who's going to pay for the upgrade?
"It is under the pressure of desperation that extraordinary things can happen in a human life," says the South African playwright. Fugard staged an interracial play in Johannesburg in 1961.
A customer left his name and number with the bartender, trying to steal her heart. After allegedly trying to take restaurant property, the bartender helped police set up a sting at local donut shop.
The trip represented a sort of diplomatic change of pace from the usual issues of cyber espionage, trade spats and geopolitical competition that grab U.S.-China-related headlines.
Every day, Mexicans are deported from the U.S. and dropped off all along the border. They end up in cities like Mexicali — cities that U.S. officials say are safer than other border cities.

Conn. Lawmakers Pass Minimum Wage Hike Bill

Governor Dannel Malloy says he'll sign the measure. Minimum wage workers in the state won't see their check hit $10.10 an hour until 2017.
The maker of Candy Crush went public Wednesday, and for King Digital Entertainment the results were crushing — the stock sank. It may be a sign investors are losing faith in the mobile gaming market
The decision still must be approved by the full NLRB board in Washington, D.C. The regional director ruled football players at Northwestern qualify as employees and may therefore unionize.

Wu-Tang Clan Unveils Unique Distribution Model

Instead of trying to sell millions of copies of their latest album, the legendary hip-hop artists are just releasing one. They plan to sell it at auction for millions of dollars.

U.S.-Saudi Relations Strain Over Syria And Iran

After visiting Rome, President Obama's next stop is Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Friday. He will reassure Saudi officials that the U.S. is committed to security in the Gulf.

Obama And Pope Meet For First Time At The Vatican

The elections of President Obama and Pope Francis made history — Obama as the first African-American U.S. president and the Argentine-born Jorge Bergoglio as the first non-European pope in centuries.
Initially, she ran from agents in her attempt to illegally enter the U.S. But after three days alone in the Arizona desert, Brenda lit a fire to get their attention. Her story is not uncommon.

Dolphins In Crimea Join Russian Navy

Trained to locate enemy divers and carry spy equipment — Ukraine planned to shut down the "combat dolphin" program. Now that Russia annexed Crimea, the dolphins will raise their fins to the Kremlin.
The cracked Wanapum Dam on the Columbia River is causing many problems. Engineers have lowered the water upstream to relieve pressure on the dam. Farmers irrigation pipes no longer reach the river.

Air Force To Release Results Of Cheating Probe

Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James and Lt. General Stephen Wilson report Thursday on the results of an investigation involving aobut 100 nuclear missile launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Senator Warns Of A Student Loan Bubble

Students are taking on record levels of debt to pay for college. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, says it's a drag on the economy and is calling for changes to the federal student loan system.
Four decades after its first performance, the San Francisco-based string quartet still nudges composers and audiences in new directions.
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