Morning Edition for Monday, March 31, 2014

Voters in Afghanistan will elect a new president this weekend. For the first time since America went to war there, President Hamid Karzai will not be on the ballot.
While the candidates hold huge rallies, the Taliban have been staging suicide attacks. They've targeted election offices and civilian compounds in Kabul in an effort to derail Saturday's election.
In New Hampshire, where the Affordable Care Act remains unpopular, the state has exceeded expectations for insurance enrollments. Credit goes, in part, to a grassroots campaign to sign people up.
Download 10 songs from our favorite acts out of SXSW, including Future Islands, PHOX, Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta, Ages and Ages, and much more.

2nd Annual Baconfest Held in Juneau, Alaska

It included a hog-calling contest, a bacon eating contest and special dishes like bacon caramel brownies.The star attraction was a bacon bustier, which was worn by a model.
A Chicago law firm is taking the first legal action against Malaysian Airlines and Boeing, the maker of the 777 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean, on behalf of the families of the passengers.
There's new thinking about the effects of fat on our waistlines and our hearts. And consensus is building that saturated fat isn't the demon we were once told to fear, especially compared with carbs.

Why All Fat Is Not Created Equal

Eating a diet high in fat isn't good for us. But demonizing fat didn't lead us down a healthy path either. Some fats, especially plant-based fats such olive oil are good for us.

Japan's Industrial Output Falls 2.3 Percent

Factories were apparently bracing for the fact that the country's sales tax went up Monday for the first time in 17 years — from 5 percent to 8 percent.
Each company claims the other one has swiped its patents. This time Apple is going after patents in the Android operating system that run Samsung's Galaxy S3.
Steve Inskeep talks to Gary Silverman of the Financial Times about a real estate fraud scheme that helped make Bakersfield, Calif., one of the home foreclosure capitals of the country.
Hobie Alter, who was considered the Henry Ford of surfboards, has died at age 80. He used foam to make surfboards that traditionally had been created from balsa wood.

Ukrainians Open Their Homes To Crimean Refugees

Even before Russia's annexation of Crimea, residents began fleeing the area. Volunteers in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine have offered their homes to displaced women, children and military families.

Politics In The News: Ukraine And Obamacare

Monday is the deadline to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act. And the U.S. continues to try to find ways to diffuse the crisis between Ukraine and Russia.
Women earn more than ever, yet their attitude about investing has not kept pace. They lack confidence, experts say, and fear they, like Cate Blanchett's role in Blue Jasmine, will run out of money.

Russian City Honors Oscarless Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio's been nominated for 4 Oscars but hasn't won any. Chelyabinsk, in a region known for producing cast iron and cast iron sculptures, has made an "Ascar" for DiCaprio.
Activists have sued to halt the state's ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. The trial, which begins this week, leaves the law in limbo.
A United Nations panel has released a report from scientists who are getting a much better understanding of the effects of climate change.
General Motors CEO Mary Barra faces a tough week of testimony before congressional committees about defective ignition switches linked to 13 deaths.
Chef Carla Hall invites us over to make spanakopita, one of her favorite Greek dishes. Her new cookbook is all about celebrating the way home-cooked meals unite us — no matter where we're from.
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