Morning Edition for Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Latvia joined NATO and the European Union a decade ago. Its former president sees these strong ties to the West as vital to maintaining its security and independence.
Some Ukrainians insist the show is funnier when dubbed in Ukrainian rather than Russian. In the recent crisis in Ukraine, much has been made of the divisions between Russian speakers.
For nearly 30 years, Jade Unger's family was embraced by a tribe. Then, in September, everything changed when the tribe's enrollment committee said they were enrolled in error.
How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity might be the year's first essential new book. NPR's Renita Jablonski picks up the book, and her cat, to see if he has what it takes to be a star on the Web.
A valet in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., took charge of a $23,000 car. Maybe he forgot to put the car in park. In any case, Channel 2 showed images of the car sinking in a slow and dignified manner.

Why Burning Wood To Stay Warm Is Back In Vogue

It's partly because of the rising price of heating oil, but partly the desire for home energy independence. Either way, wood stove retailers and cut wood sellers are rejoicing.
Women's groups say female workers can't know if they're being discriminated against if they don't know what others are paid. A bill would ban companies from retaliating if employees discussed pay.

Lending Circles Help Latinas Pay Bills And Invest

Participants in these social networks pool their money to give each other informal, no-interest loans. They're called cundinas or tandas, and politicians are taking notice.
The Transportation Department says the cameras will be required in all vehicles under 10,000 pounds.
Bankers, regulators and politicians met in Boston to discuss the future of the financial system. At issue: Why did regulators fail to prevent the crisis that pushed the country into recession?
Credit card data breaches get a lot of attention, but payroll system data breaches can have even more damaging effects.

Calvin and Zatera Spencer Have Midas Touch

The Virginia couple has won the lottery three times in less than a month. They won a couple million dollar prizes and $50,000.
The agency tasked with finding the remains of over 83,000 service members had been reluctant to use up-to-date technology, but will now move toward a DNA-led approach to identifying the missing.

An Intern At 40-Something, And 'Paid In Hugs'

Your boss may be younger than you, your fellow interns may be decades younger and you work for free. For Renee Killian and Danielle Probst, reconsidering their careers meant interning in their 40s.

The Divine Miss M's 'View From A Broad'

Morning Edition host David Greene sits down with Bette Midler, whose book of remembrances from her first world tour has been reissued. A View From A Broad was originally published in 1980.

Michigan Firefighter Safely Evacuates Snake

Residents of Muskegon need to look no further than firefighter Scott Hemmelsbach for all their snake-rescuing needs. He got a 6 foot snake out a burning house when others declined to help the reptile.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says ballooning pension costs are creating a "looming crisis." In 2011, Christie teamed up with legislators to pass a pension overhaul but it hasn't fixed the problem.
The world's biggest extinction some 250 million years ago wiped out 90 percent of all living things. What caused it has puzzled scientists, and now they think microbes may have done it.
Steve Inskeep talks with author Shadi Hamid about his new book, Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East.
An instant replay showed the first base umpire was wrong when he called Ryan Braun safe. The Braves' challenge was the first successful one under baseball's extended replay rules.
After World War II ended, Rosie the Riveter traded in her factory blues for June Cleaver's pink apron. A new exhibit traces pink back to the beginning — when plenty of boys wore it, too.

MGM Announces New 'Pink Panther' Is In The Works

The movie studio on Monday said the new Pink Panther flick would be part live-action part animated-hybrid.
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