Morning Edition for Wednesday, May 21, 2014

House To Vote On Fate Of A-10 Warthogs

Faced with tight budget requirements, the Pentagon wants to retire the jet fighters known as tank-killers for their ability to attack enemy forces at close range. Lawmakers want to keep the warthogs.

These Days A Penny Doesn't Buy Very Much

The penny occupies a strange spot in our economy — it's worth almost nothing. Our Planet Money Team goes on an expedition through the streets of Manhattan to find something they can buy for one cent.

Should HPV Testing Replace The Pap Smear?

The recent FDA approval of an HPV test to screen for cervical cancer has ignited debate among doctors. Some say the viral test will catch cancers earlier. Others warn it increases needless biopsies.
Social science research suggests risky behavior such as braving heights or swimming in deep waters increases your sex appeal. Driving without a seat belt? Not so much.

Border Collies Enlisted To Clean Beaches

Research suggests border collies help keep beaches clean by chasing away gulls that leaving their droppings in the sand and on water.
The previous clerk quit. In an email announcing her resignation, she said the job was "atrocious" and "incredibly depressing."
Legal pot sales are growing in Colorado, and the state has a marijuana DUI blood standard for drivers. But without a pot breathalyzer, it's hard to measure how high someone is.
Hoboken, N.J., has experienced several major floods since Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Dawn Zimmer says her city isn't waiting to prepare for the effects of climate change.
The plastic beads in some face soaps look a lot like fish food when they end up in the water. Two states are close to banning the beads, which researchers say can spread toxins through the food chain.

General Motors Issues Another Major Recall

GM is recalling another 2.4 million cars and trucks. The vehicles have many problems involving seat belts, air bags and gear shifts.
Coffee prices have spiked this year because of drought in Brazil and a disease that's crippling coffee production in parts of Central America. Coffee traders says prices could rise to $3 a pound.
State lawmakers are debating bills that would give Detroit about $200 million as part of a larger aid package. Many Republicans are balking at the deal after threats of political retribution.
A new survey of cable, satellite and other TV providers shows Time-Warner Cable gets the lowest marks for consumer satisfaction.
Sen. Mitch McConnell is seeking a sixth term, and he easily beat a Tea Party challenger in Tuesday's primary. In November, he faces Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky's secretary of state.
Republican struggles between establishment-backed conservatives and Tea Party rivals are a dominant feature this election season. Georgia had a crowded GOP race that is headed to a July runoff.
In 1983, the high court ruled judges can't jail someone because they're too poor to pay their fines and fees. But an NPR investigation found judges still use jail time as punishment for non-payment.

Rise In Cyber Crime Challenges FBI

The FBI is hiring hundreds of hackers. It has a rule against hiring anyone who's smoked marijuana recently. But to get the best hacking candidates, it's rethinking its pot policy.

House Panel Rejects Military Dream Act

The proposal would allow undocumented adults who came to the U.S. as children to enlist in the military, and start on a path to citizenship. The House Rules Committee won't let it come to a vote.
Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin have been all smiles as they emphasize improved relations between the two countries. Drawing them closer is their shared, tense relationship with the U.S..
Russia is Europe's main supplier of natural gas. Russia is threatening to cut off Ukraine's supply unless it pays in advance. That worries Western European nations about their own gas supply.
Now that the Nigerian military seems to be serious about rescuing girls kidnapped by Islamist extremists, relatives worry that firepower alone won't save them. They want the government to negotiate.
California's Lake Tahoe offers a different kind of experience for those able to stomach the frigid waters. Mountain storms bring high winds and waves.
Many of sports history's greatest athletes never led their teams to a championship victory. So why should it be a requirement for basketball stars today?
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