Morning Edition for Tuesday, May 27, 2014

To know if taxpayers got good value in setting up the health care exchanges we need to see what happens in the next few years, economists say. Will buyers and sellers keep coming?
Many new plans created under Obamacare have consumers and doctors scrambling to figure out which providers accept which plans, and what services are covered.
After Stalin's death, people in the Soviet Union could begin to debate politics again without fear of repression. This "thawing" took place in private kitchens, where music and art flourished, too.

Bison Invade Wyoming Golf Course

Officials tell the Jackson Hole News & Guide they tried to move the bison using sprinklers, but mostly golfers must play around them.
Keeping birds off the runways is especially challenging in parts of southeast Alaska. After 2 Alaska Airline jets collided with eagles on takeoff, the city of Sitka hired a man to keep the birds away.
The Holiday Inn was a landmark that towered over glittering Beirut in the 1970s. The Lebanese civil war ravaged the city and the hotel. The debate over the hotel's carcass carries on to this day.
World Cup stickers called Paninis have been traded for five decades around the globe. Every four years, the Italy-based publisher Panini releases World Cup souvenir sticker albums.

Pfizer Drops $119 Billion Bid For AstraZeneca

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been circling its smaller rival for months. AstraZeneca has rejected every offer saying Pfizer undervalues the company, and that it wants to remain independent.
About a dozen states across the country are taking up laws to give workers legal protections against workplace abuse, though critics say it's impossible to legislate against somebody being a jerk.

Manchester United's Brand Is Devalued

According to a study by Brand Finance, a brand valuation consultancy, Manchester United is no longer the sporting world's most valuable brand. The team didn't bring home any trophies this year.
Egyptians are at the polls again Tuesday for the final day of the presidential elections. And the outcome seems pretty predictable, ex-military chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will be the next president.
One of the founders of Hungary's far-right Jobbik Party has discovered he is Jewish, and that his grandmother is an Auschwitz survivor. Now, he keeps kosher, attends synagogue and visits Israel.
Each year, 1.7 million students are told they're not ready for college. States are mobilizing to fix the remedial system. Colorado's efforts to help students are showing promising results.
The Common Core State Standards have roiled state legislatures across the country and frustrated some parents. But what do kids think of them? We visit a school in California's Bay Area to find out.
A delivery man in New York City was dropping off bread at a pizzeria, when a guy wearing only underwear stole his bread truck. The thief delivered the bread but not to the bakery's actual customers.
There's an estimated 350 bison living in Grand Canyon National Park. The herd has grown too big and is overgrazing park land, draining already low water resources and trampling archaeological sites.
They are being pushed out of the rental market in fast-growing cities like Washington, D.C. Many end up spending most of their income on housing, living in substandard housing, or homeless.
The research project would place electronic devices in the brain in an attempt to combat post-traumatic stress, depression and other problems that have plagued many veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.
David Greene talks to comedian Bob Newhart about his critically acclaimed show and career. The complete box set of The Bob Newhart Show is being released in its entirety for the first time.
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