Morning Edition for Friday, May 30, 2014

Two men claim to be Libya's prime minister. At the same time, a renegade general has gathered forces and is attacking Benghazi. Libyans who can afford to are fleeing the country.

Terror Attacks In China Take An Alarming Turn

China is no stranger to ethnic violence, but militants are now using suicide attacks and targeting civilians. Beijing say foreign Islamist influence is behind the new, more sophisticated tactics.
In an interview with NPR, The New York Times' new executive editor, Dean Baquet, said Jill Abramson was fired because of her failed relationship with the publisher and with senior editors.
The song 'Rocky Top' is about a fictional place in the Tennessee hills. Developers wanted to change the name of an existing town to Rocky Top but the song's publisher tried to stop them.
Amid California's drought, some big farmers and corporations have unrestricted water because of special deals. David Greene talks to Jay Lund, a water resources professor at UC Davis.
The latest mass shooting has lawmakers on Capitol Hill talking again about overhauling the mental health system. On Thursday, psychologists and others urged Congress to do more.

Drone Wars: Who Owns The Air?

There are lots of entrepreneurs who would love to build drone-based businesses. But right now, there's a battle over whether it's legal for drones to take to the sky.

SpaceX Founder Elon Musk Reveals New Spacecraft

The private space flight company SpaceX has unveiled the manned version of its Dragon space capsule at its California headquarters. Founder Elon Musk has promised to make space flight inexpensive.
The U.S. economy is recovering slowly. Europe's economy is doing much worse. David Greene talks to David Wessel of the Brookings Institution, who is back from a European Central Bank forum.
The inventor has patented a suitcase that doubles as a battery-powered scooter. The suitcase-scooter looks like a moped and can seat two adults. It can travel up to 37 miles on one charge.
Earlier this year, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution calling for more humanitarian access in Syria. Even that, though, has had not eased the suffering of civilians.

Will The U.S. Arm Syrian Rebels?

There was some anticipation this week that President Obama might endorse stronger measures to give training to Syria's rebels. The president told NPR the rebels might be better able to use U.S. aid.
There are songs that just make people want to get up and shake their booty. Why? Scientists say the most enticing rhythms have something missing — beats that your body can't help but fill in.
Growing up moving from farm to farm, Storm Reyes had to pack lightly. That meant no books. She felt hopeless about the future, until one day, a bookmobile appeared in the fields and changed her life.
When some tourists stepped out onto the glass ledge 103 floors up, they heard cracking. An official insists it was just the protective coating that shattered beneath their feet.
The Svoboda party is Ukraine's mainstream nationalist party. But as Europe's far-right parties rise up from the fringes, Svoboda is now the odd man out: anti-Putin and pro-EU.
Sen. Bob Corker, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations panel, says President Obama's recent West Point speech should be thrown "in the trash can" in favor of tougher foreign policy goals.
In May 1964, the Marxist guerrilla group Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC, began its fight to overthrow the Colombian government. Fifty years later, the FARC is still fighting.
Though the composer and singer-songwriter wasn't raised in Los Angeles, The Ambassador feels like a musical tour of the city, right down to specific addresses used as song titles.
Addressing a homeless veterans group Friday, Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki says he will support a bill that would strengthen his office's ability to hire and fire staff within the VA system.
VA Sec. Eric Shinseki resigned Friday after meeting with President Obama. Obama praised Shinseki, but said the retired general feels that new leadership is needed to address the department's problems.
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