The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment.

The episodes displayed are not the full Radio Hour. For the full program, visit the Moth Radio Hour Website.

Recent Episodes

The Moth Radio Hour: Hitchhiking, Mosh Pit, and Iggy Pop

In this hour, a daughter realizes how naïve she’s been when she learns the truth about her mother’s pregnancy; a successful businessman reveals his childhood dream; a hitchhiker is picked up by an infamous driver; an exchange student experiences Japanese mosh pit etiquette; a teenager does a newspaper review of an Iggy Pop album and […]

Tony Birch & Brad Lawrence

Tony Birch copes with an abusive father and his crush on the girl from the fruit stand. And Brad Lawrence learns to see past his sins after being exorcised in an elevator by Evangelical Christians.

Tracy Rowland & Carlos Kotkin

A woman dates a musician who has a dependent relationship with a life coach, and a man becomes a new father sooner than expected.