The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment.

The episodes displayed are not the full Radio Hour. For the full program, visit the Moth Radio Hour Website.

Recent Episodes

The Moth Radio Hour: Boyhood

A writer makes his dad proud, a preacher’s kid takes money from his grandfather, a high schooler chases his dog out onto the Grand Concourse, and a former child soldier negotiates high school in New York City. Storytellers: Neil Gaiman, Christian Garland, Wilson Portorreal, and Ishmael Beah.  

Holly Hughes & Tara Clancy

Two stories about fighting back: Against the U.S. Congress and against a school bus bully. Storytellers: Holly Hughes and Tara Clancy.    

The Moth Radio Hour: Dog Mother, Tour Guide, and Milli Vanilli

A woman becomes a stepmother to a dog, a tour guide in Toronto confronts racism, a mother learns the meaning of “Little pitchers have big ears”, and one half of the pop duo Milli Vanilli tells his side of the story. Storytellers: Sara Barron, Falen Johnson, Catherine Palmer, and Fabrice Morvan.

The Moth Radio Hour: Oreos, Heaven, and America’s Most Wanted

A mother gets surprising news in the maternity ward, a man is addicted to cookies, an elderly woman gets a “ticket to heaven”, and a musician helps the FBI capture America’s Most Wanted. Storytellers: Bethany Van Delft, Bill Bernat, Breeda Miller, and Josh Bond.  

Bill Yosses & Christine Kalafus

A White House Executive Pastry Chef describes landing the job of a lifetime, and an amateur baker decides to try her hand at making cakes for a living. Storytellers: Bill Yosses and Christine Kalafus.