The Moth Radio Hour

The Moth Radio Hour features true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment.

The episodes displayed are not the full Radio Hour. For the full program, visit the Moth Radio Hour Website.

Recent Episodes

Live from The Moth GrandSLAM

This is a special live episode of The Moth Podcast recorded at the July 15th, 2015 Moth GrandSLAM in Brooklyn, New York. Storytellers: Nora Miller, Francesca Sternfeld, Jeff Simmermon, Steve Zimmer, Julia Shiplett, and Tim Lopez. Host: Dan Kennedy GrandSLAM Director: Jenifer Hixson GrandSLAM Producer: Robin Wachsberger GrandSLAM Associate Producer: Sophia Paliza-Carre Audio Recording: Paul Ruest […]

The Moth Radio Hour: Camp, Cars, Cockroaches, and the Kremlin

A girl at summer camp tries to keep up with her sophisticated fellow campers, a writer loses a treasured pair of pants, a young man accused of stealing ends up living out of his car, and a writer lands in Moscow on the eve of a revolution. Storytellers: Meg Wolitzer, Adam Gopnik, Matthew Dicks, and Andrew Solomon.

Kate Braestrup & Pilar Siman

A chaplain helps others deal with death after facing her own tragedy, and a college freshman falls in love at 11 p.m. Mass.

The Moth Radio Hour: Snow White and the Screaming Meemies

A 5-year-old girl is caught stealing by her mother, a shy writer gives her first ever interview on national TV, a child gets caught in the shelter shuffle of the foster system, and a wilderness search and rescue teacher goes out on a ledge to help a young man. Storytellers: Alana Kinarsky, Maile Meloy, Samuel James, […]

The Moth Radio Hour: Blue Men, Psychopaths, and a Bad Date

After many years in the legendary Blue Man Group, a performer makes a profound connection with an audience member; a world-renowned neuroscientist identifies patterns in the brains of psychopathic killers, and Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch meets a debonair man at a cocktail party and dares to think he might be Mr. Right. Storytellers: John […]

Nicole Kear & Christy Kent

Nicole Kear comes to terms with her degenerative blindness and Christy Kent tracks her relationship to pornography through the years as a transgender woman.