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When life handed Laurie Rubin lemons, she made champagne. She's a heralded opera singer, jewelry maker, and now author.
Carole Bayer Sager says as her songs started to stack up, unsung, she turned to an old flirtation - painting - which has turned into a new love.
Alberto of The Bridge Tavern in the Bronx. Monday, October 29, 2012.
Alberto, at The Bridge Tavern in the Bronx, told Brian Watt that not only were they not leaving, but were planning to throw a hurricane party.
Detail of Philip Stein painting.
Siqueiros couldn't say his young friend's name. So Phil Stein became "Estaño" ... an artist who lived a long fighting life, who burned to tell the story of the little guy against the machine.
Hank Rosenfeld, rock memoirs
These memoirs remind me of the musical parts of the counterculture we loved: the love, sadness, anger, those times you wanna jump around, rip it up, or just lie on the floor with your head in between speakers. Headphones ... I think these memoirs get in through there, ya know?
I want to punch the entertainment industry in the face for combining art and the most powerful tools of communication in the history of humanity into a system for the manufacture and distribution of mind-numbing, repetitious, self-referential, self-reverential, carefully non-inflammatory indulgences.
Connie Tucker
Connie Tucker has ready to enter hospice after chemo failed. Then she entered a clinical trial. Now, she has a new lease on life.
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TMI: Stoltze and the People

KPCC's Frank Stoltze is talking with voters about the issues that motivate them in the voting booth, and tells Off-Ramp host John Rabe about what he learned at Philippe's French Dip when he spent the morning there.
Really, the title says it all. And Milton, a marine biologist at UC Santa Barbara, tells us more in our interview.
A photo purported to be that of US President Franklin Marshall.
Van Buren, Polk, Fillmore, Pierce, Hayes, Arthur ... These men are Roosevelts and Reagans compared to President Franklin Marshall.