Blind mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin back in LA for concert Nov 6; plus, she has a new memoir

When life handed Laurie Rubin lemons, she made champagne. She's a heralded opera singer, jewelry maker, and now author.

Jonathan Barkat

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Esso's Green Book

Fascinating, shameful slice of US history: the black motorists' Green Book

Dr. Foster was a black man on his way to LA. He'd just left the South, but not segregation, and as one sympathetic motel owner told him, "If we let you in, all the other motel owners would ostracize us."

Mercer 9099

A man who drinks olive oil, a woman who hates fussy foodies, and why canned beer is better. It's EatLA

Why fresh is an attribute you should demand in your olive oil. Why obsessive foodies should be punched in the face. Plus, Colleen remembers her first meal at the almost late-great Campanile.

Ruxandra Guidi bio photo

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez seeks another term; will Henrique Capriles pull off the upset?

Today, SoCal Venezuelans will trek to San Francisco to vote. President Hugo Chavez seeks another term; how will Henrique Capriles fair?

Disney Acquires Marvel Comics For $4 Billion

Zak Penn is our superhero... for stopping by KPCC's Crawford Family Forum

Zak Penn, on superheroes like Rogue: "In a real world setting, it’s not fun when you accidentally kill everyone that you touch."

Dylan Brody: In a small town, at least people know you. Liking is optional.

The day we moved in, the old white-haired mayor drove out to Schuylerville's town sign with a bucket of paint and, in a Norman Rockwell moment, amended it to say, "Population 954 ... and some Jews."

Sarah Paul & Craig Weiss of CBS/"Star Trek: The Next Generation" restoration

Behind-the-scenes look at CBS's ground-up restoration of Star Trek: The Next Generation

The intent, CBS says, was always to stick with the original vision, not to pull a George Lucas and re-imagine the thing millions of Trekkies around the world have come to love.