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Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Ray restoration reveals details ... in acting!

Jonathan Frakes is not a stiff! It turns out that Will Riker was positively smoldering all the time. Oh! Watch his eyes! Anytime he is slighted, his captain is slighted, or if anyone looks askance at Counselor Troi, just watch him flash and flare! Don't forget, the man honed his craft in soap operas!
What Mark Stambler was reduced to until Governor Broan signed the Homemade Food Act Friday.

The Power of Off-Ramp! Gov. Brown signs Homemade Food Act

Chapter 6.1. Cottage Food Operations. 51035. (a) A city, county, or city and county shall not prohibit a cottage food operation, as defined in Section 113758 of the Health and Safety Code, in any residential dwellings.

'Gaytino' — a one-man show and a new perspective on gay Chicanos

Even Kathy Griffin's used the word "Gaytino," but Dan Guerrero, a well-known TV producer and son of Lalo Guerrero, invented the term to describe himself.
Mercer 8041

Mark Peel's Campanile to close after 23 years

In 1989, when Campanile opened, every other restaurant was serving canned peas and tv dinners. Or so it seemed.
Brian Watt bio photo

KPCC's Brian Watt v. The Mice (or Rats)

KPCC reporter Brian Watt is a strong man who can stare down politicians, face down spin doctors, and put down his little baby to bed. But, he's afraid of mice. Or rats, as he prefers to call them.

Happy 95th birthday, June Foray!

The more I learned about animation the more I realized what made June such a great voice actress was not that she could do so many voices, but that she was first and foremost a great actress.
Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny, genius musician, named 1981 album "Off-Ramp"

To get on Off-Ramp Extra, just be a famous musician and name your album after our show.
Actor Hunter Davis at KPCC, Monday, September 17, 2012.

Hunter Davis and "Will the real Ian McKellen please stand up?"

The phones started ringing and reality bent when when Hunter Davis came into the Off-Ramp studio to talk about his spot-on impression of Ian McKellen doing "Baby Got Back."
Artist Masami Teraoka explains his AIDS Series painting at Samuel Freeman Gallery as Sam Freeman looks on. 9/11/12.

Masami Teraoka, groundbreaking Japanese artist flips traditions

Masami Teraoka crosses cultural, political, sexual, and religious boundaries in his new works, and symbolism abounds. Or, "Why is that Cardinal eating squid ink pasta?" Listen to an exclusive 40-minute Off-Ramp interview with the Master.
Singer Larry Davis, 74, closes his eyes at Miles Recording and Mix as he records the followup to "Close Your Eyes."

Tears in beer and a new career - singer Larry Davis, 74

Larry Davis sang in the officer's club in the 1960s. Then he was a graphic artist for 43 years. Then, a new future opened up for the 74-year old, who is now recording his second album.