Blind mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin back in LA for concert Nov 6; plus, she has a new memoir

When life handed Laurie Rubin lemons, she made champagne. She's a heralded opera singer, jewelry maker, and now author.

Jonathan Barkat

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"Star Trek: The Next Generation's" Dr. Beverly Crusher, Gates McFadden.

TNG XXV - Rod Roddenberry and Gates McFadden on the 25th anniv of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Roddenberry says at first he hated his teenage summer working on the TNG set; McFadden tells a wonderful story about when TNG's impact on fans finally hit home.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Ray restoration reveals details ... in acting!

Jonathan Frakes is not a stiff! It turns out that Will Riker was positively smoldering all the time. Oh! Watch his eyes! Anytime he is slighted, his captain is slighted, or if anyone looks askance at Counselor Troi, just watch him flash and flare! Don't forget, the man honed his craft in soap operas!

What Mark Stambler was reduced to until Governor Broan signed the Homemade Food Act Friday.

The Power of Off-Ramp! Gov. Brown signs Homemade Food Act

Chapter 6.1. Cottage Food Operations. 51035. (a) A city, county, or city and county shall not prohibit a cottage food operation, as defined in Section 113758 of the Health and Safety Code, in any residential dwellings.


'Gaytino': Dan Guerrero rediscovers his identity in his one-man show

Even Kathy Griffin's used the word "Gaytino," but Dan Guerrero, a well-known TV producer and son of Lalo Guerrero, invented the term to describe himself.

Mercer 8041

Tower of food power, Campanile, to close after 23 years

In 1989, when Campanile opened, every other restaurant was serving canned peas and tv dinners. Or so it seemed.

Brian Watt bio photo

Build a better mousetrap and Brian Watt will beat a path to your door

KPCC reporter Brian Watt is a strong man who can stare down politicians, face down spin doctors, and put down his little baby to bed. But, he's afraid of mice. Or rats, as he prefers to call them.