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"My Imported Bride" by David Haldane

In the 90s, he was your neighbor in Orange County - a white guy with a wife and 2 kids. Now, he has a Filipino wife more than thirty years his junior. How did it happen?

Fighting bullying with jiu-jitsu in East Pasadena

Gracie Barra, a jiu-jitsu center in East Pasadena that teaches kids self-defense skills, but – more importantly – teaches them self-respect.

A Jazz Aerie - Betty Hoover's A-Frame Jazz

One of the best jazz clubs in town isn't a club at all. It's a private home high in the hills.
Paul Felix page in SketchTravel
SketchTravel: 71 artists, one sketch book, thousands of miles = building libraries in SE Asia. Charles Solomon and Paul Felix tell Rabe about it.
Gates McFadden as Dr Beverly Crusher

Catch up with Star Trek's Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher)

An exclusive tour of Atwater Village Theatre with Star Trek alumna Gates McFadden, artistic director of Ensemble Studio Theatre, which has four productions in the next couple months, including "Year of the Rabbit" by Keliher Walsh.
Merv Griffin

Merv Returns - Dick Cavett remembers his old boss

From RFK and MLK to Whitney Houston - The Merv Griffin Show archives open up.
Rod Roddenberry

Rod Roddenberry carries on legacy in new podcast, foundation

Rod Roddenberry on the work of the Roddenberry Foundationand "The Mission Log," a new podcast that breaks down "Star Trek - The Original Series" episode by episode.
Circa 1920 photo of a Southern California bird fancier.

Bird Talk Magazine shuts down, ruffling readers' feathers

SoCal-based "Bird Talk" magazine -- one of the only magazines of its kind in the world -- abruptly shut down recently, stunning readers and contributors.
Gray's Anatomy

Human body parts found in sewer north of Detroit

"It's not like there were arms or legs, it was small pieces. One of the pieces has what appears to be part of a tattoo."
Jeanne Cooper, star of "The Young and the Restless," with Off-Ramp host John Rabe.

Jeanne Cooper's Y&R Memoir, "Not Young, Still Restless"

Jeanne Cooper's candid, funny, bitchy interview about her memoir "Not Young, Still Restless." It covers her 39 years on "The Young and the Restless."