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TV and movies give scientists, thinkers, and dreamers a place to ignore hard fast scientific rules and see what else is possible.

Yes, competitive hot dog eaters probably puke after contests

Off-Ramp talks with the filmmakers behind "Hungry," a documentary that looks into the stories and lives behind one of America's strangest sports.

You: 'I am SO over it.' Dylan Brody: 'No, you're not.'

“I am SO over it” almost always means, “I am reviewing these recent events in my head constantly and expect never to be free of this internal cycle of rage and recrimination.”

Kenturah Davis weaves words into art in Leimert Park

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with LA artist Kenturah Davis about her exhibit of drawings, "Narratives and Meditations," at Papillion Art in Leimert Park in South LA.
Pacific Ocean Park

What does a defunct amusement park sound like?

One music collector discovered the sound effects and narration recorded for Pacific Ocean Park, an ambitious seaside amusement park that lasted just nine years.
Sign Painter

Meet the man who hand-painted hundreds of signs at Disneyland

Off-Ramp talks with Patrick Smith about his days at the happiest place on earth and how the Vietnam War made it possible.

Actress/comedian Charlyne Yi takes risks, goes her own way

Charlyne Yi's humor has always made people uneasy. Besides being recognized as "the awkward character" from "House," Yi has always tested her audience.
KPCC's John Rabe talks with Anna Sklar, an LA historian who discovered and put online hundreds of photos from the city engineer's office dating back to 1890.
Dudamels Debut

Meet the pair who ignite the Hollywood Bowl's fireworks show

Helmed by pyrotechnician Eric Elias and score reader Sara Hiner, setting off fireworks to music is a performance in and of itself.
Matt the Mattress at the Bureau of Sanitation
KPCC's Molly Peterson and Kevin Ferguson left a mattress on the curb with a GPS tracker in it. Four days later, it got picked up. Where did it go?