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Jeffrey Vallance sees dead artists - Off-Ramp for July 25, 2015

Jeffrey Vallance's new show, "The Medium is the Message" ... Brains On! explores kids and language ... are robot underpants the next fitness trend? ... Factchecking "True Detective's" bullet train plotline ... Tired of lists separated by elipses?

Secrets of 'Clueless' and The Dodgers revealed on Off-Ramp for July 18, 2015

Amy Heckerling helps us celebrate the 20th birthday of "Clueless," Molly Knight gets the bakcstory on the Dodgers sale, and we dig Glendale's historic Rockhaven Sanitarium.

Discover LA's 'Sunken City' -- Off-Ramp for July 11, 2015

Slide on over to San Pedro's Sunken City neighborhood; cleaning up after the Lake Fire; Brains On, the science podcast for kids and curious adults.

Summer love ... KPCC Love, that is. Off-Ramp for June 27, 2015

As Neil Diamond once said, "Summer love/They call it summer love/But oh, how it feels/And I don't believe make believe." Our bills aren't make believe, and neither, we're sure, is your love for KPCC.

The Last Hurrah of Tom LaBonge - Off-Ramp for June 20, 2015

We tour the district with outgoing City Councilman Tom LaBonge; we get a preview of an exciting new podcast; we get a distaff view of "Inside Out;" and hear what it was like to be a kid on the set of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"

A rare interview inside the Eames house - Off-Ramp for June 13, 2015

To celebrate the new Eames Anthology, we talk with the editor and an Eames grandson; Ray Bradbury's Red File; rescuing the brown recluse from its bad reputation.