Off-Ramp for August 5, 2006

Mercer 7366

!WEB EXCLUSIVE! Guerilla Gallery

Note from John Rabe: I discovered this informal art gallery during a bike ride along the LA River, near the railyards. Does anyone know who the artist is, who mounted the show, and why they did it? Email us at Thanks!
Mercer 7367

Motorcycle Writer takes to the Off-Ramps and highways

Since John Rabe's mother would rise from the grave if he rode a motorbike, automotive writer Susan Carpenter let us wire her for sound as she drives LA's highways and offramps.
Mercer 7368

Opie at OCMA

The artist Catherine Opie has spent her career photographing the seemingly banal but iconic Southern California. Photographs of surfers, freeways, strip malls, tract homes and McMansions are now on view at the Orange County Museum of Art. So too is Opie's latest project "In And Around Home." Queena Kim talked with Opie about what's in the show and what's missing: the gay S&M photos that launched Opie's career in the mid-1990s.
Mercer 7369

A Vast Waistband

From Wild Wild West to Deadwood, from Bob Mackie's work on The Carol Burnett Show to the sequined mastery of Dionne Warwick's Solid Gold gown, you see TV costumes, but maybe you haven't thought about them. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing, along with the Television Academy, have done a lot of thinking about them, and have mounted the first major exhibit of TV costumes. John Rabe was there.
Mercer 7370

Toe Socks

Commentator Mimi Pond tells us about reuniting with her friend Mike, who became a Hare Krishna thirty years ago. He now considers himself a lay Krishna.
Mercer 7371

This Sloth is a Virtue

Pit 91 is open again at The La Brea Tar Pits... which is really "The Tar Pits," if you think about it. Queena Kim went down into the pit and talked with excavators who are painstakingly uncovering LA's ancient history.
Mercer 7372

A Scanner Marc-ly

You may know commentator Marc Haefele as the "Dean of the City Hall Reporters," but in a former life he was not only featured in GQ, but also edited sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. He'll tell us about the latter.

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC's Frank Stolze talks about the crime spike in Compton; Rachel Myrow talks about mail displays and Ilsa Setziol tells us about Tony Blair Arnold Schwarzenegger agreement to share ideas on the environment.

Call Sheet

Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade is getting him in trouble now, but will it hurt his career? Call Sheet contributors Alex Ben Block, Brad Pomerance, and Katie Harris weigh in.
Adolfo Guzman-Lopez reports that as Spanish language radio has grown in popularity, so have the various formats that listeners can tune into.
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