Off-Ramp for August 19, 2006

Note from John Rabe

Check out the LA Times feature on Off-Ramp and nine other weekend radio shows! (Link below) So, now we've got two shows under our belt, and three more to go in our shakedown cruise before we go weekly in October. Look for new Off-Ramps September 2, 16, & 30. A special welcome to podcast listeners who found us on iTunes' "New & Notable" list. Thanks for visiting and listening. Send us an email! . - John

Do You Dare to Eat (or Preserve) a Peach?

LA is not a Wasteland. The group Fallen Fruit recently held a jam session in Echo Park, teaching people how to make preserves from fruit they own, as citizens of the Republic.
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Short Attention Span Theatre

G4 is the fastest growing TV network, largely because it recognizes the waning importance of TV. John Rabe tells us what young men watch before they become public radio listeners.
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The Home of the Homeless

89-year old Dewey Ajioka has spent the last ten years sketching the homeless on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim talks with him and his models.
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9 Movies in 9 Hours

The American Cinematheque celebrates the 80th birthday of filmmaker Roger Corman, known for his low-budget drive-in movies. Off-Ramp film critic Andy Klein says Corman's work was amusing in its lack of pretension.

Serf's Up

Paul Chihara, now a USC professor and movie music composer, reminisces about his first movie gig: working with Roger Corman on "Death Race 2000."

Moon Song by Sukho Lee

Sukho Lee and a number of other sound artists will be performing at a 50th anniversary tribute to the sounds of "Forbidden Planet" on Friday, August 25.
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Passing the Torch

The Asylum picks up where Roger Corman left off, making quickie knockoffs ("Pirates of Treasure Island," "Snakes on a Train") of Hollywood blockbusters. John Rabe talks with photographer David Strick about the Hollywood production house. Strick's photo essay is in Los Angeles Magazine.

Herba Buena

The two chef-owners of La Casita Mexicana in the city of Bell take Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim shopping for little-known Mexican herbs at the Alameda Swap Meet.
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Trade Roots

For 300 years, China was the world's Pottery Barn. The Long Beach Museum of Art has a new exhibit of porcelain made in China from 1550-1850 for Europe, Asia, and North America. The quality was excellent, but it took two years to fill an order.
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Four Walls and a Bank Vault

Off-Ramp host John Rabe and USC housing expert Raphael Bostic on the absurdity of Southern California's housing market.

Reporter's Roundtable

Tamara Keith updates John Rabe on the re-districting bill that died; Rachael Myrow talks about the situation at local airports; and Nick Roman gets excited about the Dodgers' winning streak.
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