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World 3-D Film Expo

by Off-Ramp®

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Poster for House of Wax (1953), perhaps the most famous 3-D movie of all time. Directed by one-eyed Andre de Toth. Look for a young Charles Bronson (billed as Charles Buchinsky) as Igor. Screens Tuesday, September 12th at 9:45pm. Courtesy World 3D Film Expo II

Jeff Josephs talks about The Golden Age of 3-D films. Joseph runs a company called SabuCat, which maintains a huge library of movie trailers. He's also been collecting and preserving prints of 3-D movies, like House of Wax, Dial M For Murder and Robot Monster.

The second World 3-D Film Expo, which starts Friday at the Egyptian Theatre, runs for ten days, features 35 feature films, and is guaranteed to lose money.

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