Off-Ramp for September 2, 2006

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How To 3D

As part of the 3-D extravaganza, John Rabe shows you how to make your own 3-D photos.
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Beach Bums

Many owners of Malibu beach houses have been illegally keeping you and me off the beach. Before you head to the ocean this Labor Day, blogger Jenny Price tells you how to beat the Malibu beach bums, exercise your rights, and enjoy the beach at the same time. Jenny Price visits Broad Beach in Malibu, takes you to Lechuza State Beach and takes you to Escondido Beach.
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Baptism by Fire

Every Saturday, hundreds of Latino immigrants make the pilgrimage to Our Lady the Queen of the Angeles, Los Angeles' oldest mission Church, to get their babies baptized. The Church baptizes one hundred babies every two hours or more than three hundred babies every Saturday... For immigrants who are trying to keep their tradition while struggling to survive, the draw is simple. Unlike other churches, Our Lady doesn't require parents or godparents to take classes beforehand. All you do is sign up. To some, it's known as the McDonald's of Baptism. Abel Salas reports. Baptism by Fire was produced by Queena Kim

Silverton Saves LA

Writer Laurie Winer tells us about baker Nancy Silverton's latest project: A new pizza restaurant. Winer says it may finally mean truly great pizza has come to Los Angeles.
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World 3-D Film Expo

Jeff Josephs talks about The Golden Age of 3-D films. Joseph runs a company called SabuCat, which maintains a huge library of movie trailers. He's also been collecting and preserving prints of 3-D movies, like House of Wax, Dial M For Murder and Robot Monster. The second World 3-D Film Expo, which starts Friday at the Egyptian Theatre, runs for ten days, features 35 feature films, and is guaranteed to lose money.
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Keystone-Mast Collection

KPCC's Steven Cuevas visits UC Riverside's California Museum of Photography, which is the home to tens of thousands of stereoscopic images from around the globe. Those pictures were snapped by photographers working for the Keystone View Company of Pennsylvania. They document life from the first half of the 20th century... and decades later, they deliver unmatched depth and clarity.
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Joshua Greer talks about his first love: 3-D photographs. Greer is the CEO of Real-D, a company that helped filmmakers make animated movie Monster House 3-D. It's an animated feature about little kids who learn why they shouldn't walk on the old man's lawn. Most theatres are showing it in the regular 2-D format, but some show it in 3-D.
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Monterey Magic

John talks with the curator of an exhibit from the Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, which is showing at the Laguna Art Museum. The artists rejected grandiose landscapes in favor of moody depictions of the rugged coast.

Reporter's Roundtable

John Rabe talks to Adolfo Guzman Lopez about the future of the LAUSD reform bill... Patricia Nazario looks ahead to the Labor Day Weekend marches... And Tamara Keith talks about legislative foolishness and the emissions bill.
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