Off-Ramp for November 11, 2006

Midterm Madness

John Rabe checks in with KPCC reporter Rachael Myrow.

Midterm Madness Two

Special correspondent Kitty Felde tells John Rabe how Phil Angelides kept his cool in the face of defeat.
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I Lost My Heart In San Francisco

KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze goes one-on-one with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. John Rabe gets the details.

Voting Block

KPCC reporter Susan Valot lets John Rabe in on how she votes.

The Comeback Kid

"Off-Ramp" unearthed this yet-to-be-heard political "ad" by former president Bill Clinton.
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Rock en Spanglish

Los Abandoned switches seamlessly from English to Spanish in their music, and their break-out song "Van Nuys es Very Nice" resonates with a growing number of music fans: the kids of Spanish-speaking immigrants. Queena Kim meets the band.
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The Last Doughboy

We remember George Johnson, who died this summer at the age 112. He was California's last World War One veteran, a group that only numbers 50 worldwide.
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The Wine House Rules

In a new feature, the wine connoisseurs from Silverlake Wine cover the basics from swirling to sipping. This time: how to start a wine cellar.

The Forgotten Veterans

John Rabe talks to L.A. City Council President Eric Garcetti about the new memorial for Filipino World War Two veterans. More than 120,000 Filipino soldiers served in the war, but they were stripped of veterans status and benefits promised under the G.I. Bill.

Phys Ed Fizzles

If you've driven by a school during gym class lately, you probably saw a lot more standing and sitting than running and jumping. Doctor Antronette Yancey says more gym class would improve kids' health and grades.
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My Barbarian

In an on-going series on OCMA's Biennial, John Rabe talks to the members of My Barbarian. The ensemble mixes rock, art and theater in their rock-operatic works.


Students at Cleveland High School in Reseda recently formed a whiteness group. But the white kids in these groups are not cutting eyeholes in bed sheets. They're talking about race.
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Full-bore Borat

The Call Sheet gang talks about Borat's marketing scheme.
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