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Off-Ramp for December 9, 2006

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Our Lady of the Ladle -- On DVD

Los Angeles Times food writer Russ Parsons and John Rabe watch the DVDs of Julia Child's first food show,"The French Chef."
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We talk with Maripat Donovan, the creator of "Late Nite Catechism," about her new holiday special "Sister's Christmas Catechism: The Mystery of the Magi's Gold."
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Sweet Deal

John talks with the director of the film "Sweet Land" about how this un-Hollywood romance flick got made.

The Making of "Sweet Land"

Five years ago John Rabe filed this story about the making of "Sweet Land."
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Eeny Meenie Mighty Mo

John Rabe talks with "Mighty Mo" Orozco, a 10-year-old boxing champion from Long Beach.

Menorah on a Mazda

Just in time for Hanukkah, we talk with a rabbi about his car-top menorah.
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OCMA Biennial

John Rabe talks to up-and-coming multimedia artist Shana Lutker.
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Reporter's Notebook

KPCC reporter Ilsa Setziol will talk about restoring the Owens River Valley.

Mars Water Sponsor

This Web site was brought to you from Mars Water, Off-Ramp's newest "sponsor." Take a listen to the "ad" from the company that's bringing you water from Mars.
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A Public Good-Bye

This week, Los Angeles County buried almost 1,700 people in a potter's grave. The annual mass burial is for people who died without a family that could claim their remains or that could afford a private burial. KPCC reporter Rachael Myrow takes us to the service.

Call Sheet

The Call Sheet gang weighs Mel Gibson's Oscar chances.
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WEB EXTRA: Eye of the Tiger

Mighty Mo puts up his dukes with his championship belt.

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