Off-Ramp for January 6, 2007

Off-Ramp Makes Friends and Influences People

Mercer 7467

John Rabe

Ten-year-old champion boxer Moises "Mighty Mo" Orozco outside the L.A. County Hall of Administration, after receiving a proclamation from the County Supervisors.

Dear Listeners,

Remember Moises "Mighty Mo" Orozco, the 10-year-old boxing champ (Off-Ramp, 12-9-06)? Mighty Mo told me his dream was to qualify for the 2016 Olympics.

It turns out somebody from the SoCal Committee for the Olympic Games was listening to Off-Ramp, too! The group is trying to bring the 2016 Olympics to LA, and asked Mighty Mo to be a spokesman. I'm thinking of it as a good omen for Mighty Mo ... and LA's chances.

-John Rabe.

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