Off-Ramp for January 20, 2007

Rabe: It's (still) Cold Outside!

Mercer 7503

Emile Kuri, courtesy of John Kuri

In 1948, Oscar-winning art director Emile Kuri (The Heiress and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea) snapped this shot of son John outside their Los Feliz home.

The cold continues in Southern California, with snow reported in Malibu and other parts.

The weather reminded me of an old photo I had, snapped back in 1948, when Hollywood was blanketed with a real (non-Hollywood) snowstorm. The picture came from John Kuri, musician, author (Takin' It Back), and film and TV producer. The day it snowed, his father, Oscar-winning art director Emile Kuri (1907-2000), bundled little John up and posed him by the mailbox of the Los Feliz home Emile designed and built.

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